Humanities for the Public Good: An Integrative, Collaborative, Practice-Based Humanities PhD is a new program focused on creating cross-disciplinary opportunities for humanities graduate students interested in diverse careers.

Post-symposium anonymous
survey responses:
Attendees completed a post-symposium survey regarding topics discussed by panelists and their own experience of humanities graduate education. The following data visualizations are reflective of those responses.

UI PhD Alumni: Where They Are Now
Nov. 1 | 1:00 - 5:30 PM | MERGE

Join us for a workshop and discussion panels by humanities PhD alumni who will discuss their pathways to career diversity, both in the world of education and far, far beyond.

Community Partner Spotlight: Iowa Valley RC&D

In Summer 2019, three graduate students (Paul Schmitt, Marie Culpepper, and Kathleen Shaughnessy) completed eight-week internships at  Iowa Valley Resource Conservation & Development  (IVRC&D), as part of an opportunity to explore how their academic training might translate into a variety of professions and workplaces. IVRC&D Executive Director Jessica Rilley shares a few details about the organization and its efforts to support the local community.

In the context of the internship, how would you define “public good”?

The interns’ efforts expanded social networks and elevated public awareness of existing resources. Each of their projects fueled local pride, generated unique content, and contributed to the complicated and layered network of community identity. All of the communities the interns worked with are navigating succession across many sectors and each intern played an important role in finding and highlighting uniqueness that should be preserved and celebrated. In this context I would describe public good as a shared benefit.

If you could do ANY collaboration—any project or initiative—with the University of Iowa, what would it be?

Our team would love to partner on a project that connects students with small Iowa towns in a way that gives an authentic experience to the student and lifts up the local community. I think there is a niche here for individuals who are...
Noted this month:
Job Beyond the Academy
The New York Public Library is looking to hire a Curator of History, Social Sciences, and Government Information to provide subject expertise and leadership in the development and promotion of the Library's information resources and serve as the primary spokesperson for the collection.

Representing Migration Humanities Lab at Duke University is dedicated to investigating stories of migration from the origins of modernity to contemporary concerns through collaborative pedagogy, discussion, and active involvement in archival, imaginative, and joint research.

Funding Opportunity
The one-year Big Ten Academic Alliance and the Smithsonian Institution Fellowship awards selected post-comprehensive participants a $36,000 stipend to support research in residence at Smithsonian Institution facilities. Applications are due Nov. 1 at 5pm.

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