Humanities for the Public Good: An Integrative, Collaborative, Practice-Based Humanities PhD is a new program focused on creating cross-disciplinary opportunities for humanities graduate students
interested in a range of careers.
The HPG Advisory Board:
Final Report and Closing Meeting
The inaugural Advisory Board concluded the first academic year of the grant on May 12, 2020 with a year-end virtual convening. All 22 advisory board members were able to attend and contribute to our communal goals of sharing and celebrating the subcommittees’ findings (including benchmark ideas, conversations, and references) and formal recommendations. Through breakout groups, chat boxes, and slides, we considered best practices and paths forward. We also made space to ponder which concerns and uncertainties presented by COVID-19 could be turned into potential opportunities. We welcome you to read this summary of the 2019-2020 Advisory Board’s insights, which are valuable for graduate education much more broadly. We look forward to sharing more comprehensive materials in the coming summer months.

In the closing minutes of our meeting, we reflected on what we will recall of our work together in the immediate and far-off futures. It is perfectly telling that, when we asked what each person will remember in ten years, the most consistent answer was “community” – building, translating, honoring, centering, bridging, and, above all, valuing. This year’s Advisory Board became its own remarkable community, and in doing so, gave the Humanities for the Public Good initiative the most inspiring first steps imaginable.

All of the Advisory Board members join us in sharing heartfelt thanks to our Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Ashley Cheyemi McNeil, the organizational genius who guided and inspired all of the subcommittees.
An Ounce of Solace: Digital Care Package
We share this care package in a time of heightened need, when our hunger is for each other’s company. The uncertainty of these past months has made us all the more appreciative of the gifts we each possess and the way we’re fed by each other’s brilliance. We invite you to enjoy this sampling of the gifts of UI graduate students in the arts and humanities. Warm thanks to the Obermann Center's Jennifer New and Jenna Hammerich for putting together this beautiful space and to the featured graduate students for sharing their work.
Meet Laura Perry: HPG's New Postdoctoral Fellow
Laura Perry  received her PhD in English from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Her work engages with environmental justice, digital publishing, and the public humanities. She has coordinated several grant-funded projects, including the interdisciplinary research group  Environmental Justice in Multispecies Worlds  as well as a  Public Humanities Exchange Fellowship  with a local nonprofit . Before joining HPG, she was Managing Editor of  Edge Effects , a digital environmental magazine, where she collaborated with a wide range of writers, artists, and activists. She is currently at work on a book project, tentatively titled “The Nuisance: A Cultural History,” about how the concept of nuisances has shaped American neighborhoods and cultures in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Laura will join Postdoctoral Fellow Ashley Cheyemi McNeil, as they both help push our HPG work forward over the coming year.

Webinar: Community College Job Materials
On Friday, May 22nd, from 2:30-3:30PM PST (4:30-5:30PM CST) , the Simpson Center for the Humanities at the University of Washington is hosting a webinar on community college job materials. This webinar is geared towards doctoral students who are interested in applying for jobs at community colleges or other teaching-intensive institutions. Washington state community college faculty will share their knowledge and expertise, communicating job search strategies gleaned from their own experience and responding to moderated questions from participants across the country.

This event is Organized by Reimagining the Humanities PhD and Reaching New Publics: Catalyzing Collaboration
Webinar Series: Cornerstones for Course Design
The University of Iowa Center for Teaching is offering a series of webinars on Cornerstones for Course Design running from 1-2PM CST on Thursdays in June . This series of four interactive webinars will use an integrated approach to backward course design to help instructors develop a flexible and inclusive pedagogical plan. Instructors will develop strategies that help students learn the main ideas and core tasks of the course, explore the process of using integrated backward course design to develop a course, and more.
Humanities During a Pandemic: Reflections
The National Humanities Alliance (of which the University of Iowa is a member) is gathering responses about how people have drawn upon the humanities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Reflections can take up questions of how the humanities have helped you make sense of the pandemic, helped you maintain connections during social distancing, helped you navigate the crisis, or whatever else comes to mind.
Graduate Education for the Public Good:
An Online Discussion
In this special HASTAC Digital Friday session as part of The Futures Initiative, Katina Rogers, Stacy Hartman, Cihan Tekay, and Justin Beauchamp discuss how building a university that is truly worth fighting for means thinking more expansively about what constitutes scholarly success. We need to consider not only how to support individual career pathways, but also how to work toward greater equity and inclusion in the academy. The University of Iowa HPG team was looking forward to participating in the originally scheduled in-person version of this event. We are delighted to share this video.
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 Have an extra 15 minutes? Read this.

Noted this month:
Job Beyond the Academy
Kum & Go headquarters in Des Moines is hiring a Learning & Development Program Manager. This person would be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing leadership development programs to support the Krause Group organization, as well as the Learning and Development strategy. The person in this position will work with associates across the organization in collaboration with business leaders and managers to access organizational needs and plans.

Humanities Center
The Cogut Institute for the Humanities at Brown University advances collaborative research and curricular innovation in the humanities and across the university. 
The annual fellowship program brings together faculty, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate fellows to explore work-in-progress in a dynamic workshop setting. A rich array of programming — conferences, lecture series, and colloquia — enhances the Institute’s core research and curricular mission, creating a lively space of inquiry and dialogue that draws in faculty, students, and members of the larger Providence community.
Funding Opportunity
The University of Connecticut Humanities Institute seeks to appoint a full-time Postdoctoral Research Associate for the purpose of managing its vibrant public presence and advance its programmatic goals. Research duties may include, in addition to traditional humanities scholarship, investigating ways of enhancing public communication of humanities research. They are looking for an innovative and creative person committed to humanities research and activism to help build and refine UCHI’s message and mission to current and expanded audiences. 

A Note from the Editor:
Thank you for following along with our newsletter updates over the 2019-2020 academic year. While this is our final newsletter for the year (and my final newsletter as the HPG graduate assistant), the HPG team looks forward to sharing news and updates—and more exciting opportunities—once again in the fall, when Dominic Dongilli will step into the graduate assistant and newsletter editor role. It's been a delightful experience celebrating HPG team members' truly inspiring discoveries and accomplishments over the past year, as well as keeping my finger on the pulse of humanities news and events around the country.
- Torie Burns

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