October 2016
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October 26 - 31, 2016: 

China Waldorf Early Childhood Educators Conference

  Dezhou City, 
Shangdong Province, 
North China

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Upcoming Event on November 19, 2016: 
100th Birthday Symposium 
in celebration of 
Helmut von Kügelgen:  
"The Right to Childhood - We are responsible!" 
With lectures by Dr. Michaela Glöckler, Johann Stüttgen and Manfred Spitzer. 
Hannover Congress Center, Germany 
December 9 -11, 2016: 

First Conference of Waldorf Kindergartens: 
"Meeting the Needs of the Modern Child" 


Program and registration: 
Workshops and training modules for the 
rhymes, songs and movement games 
of Wilma Ellersiek
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"Transitions in Childhood from Birth to 14 Years" - New publication!

The lectures from the 2015 "Transitions" conference  by Clara Aerts, Ursula Flatters, Elizabeth Hall, Florian Osswald, Claus-Peter Röh and Susan Weber are now available in print. 
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Dear friends and colleagues,

Helmut von Kügelgen, one of the founders of the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens, would have turned 100 this year. In this issue, you will find articles by and about him, as well as announcements of related publications and events. 

One of Helmut von Kügelgen's main concerns and ideals had to do with the working together of Waldorf educators around the world. Thus the reports from Madagascar and East Africa also fit well into this special issue of the newsletter.  

with heartfelt greetings,
Philipp Reubke 
Helmut von Kügelgen
The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of
Helmut von Kügelgen
Susan Howard

Helmut von Kügelgen (December 14 ,1916 - February 25, 1998), co-founder of the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens, would have turned 100 years old in December. His life and ideals continue to inspire Waldorf educators around the world today.

Love as the Source of Education
Helmut von Kügelgen

Of the three most commonly used forces of education - fear, ambition, and love - Rudolf Steiner felt that in Waldorf education we must leave out the first two. The symbol of the International Association of Waldorf Kindergartens has to do with the third force. We are often asked what it means and who gave it to us. Rudolf Steiner drew the symbol of love before the eyes of the children in a main lesson book. We chose this symbol at the foundation of the Association in the autumn of 1969.

New Book on the Life and Work 
of Helmut von Kügelgen: 

Love as the Source of Education

Inspirational thoughts by Helmut von Kügelgen on Waldorf Early Childhood Education, working with the angels, and the arts in early childhood.  Also included are contributions by Joan Almon, Dr. Claudia McKeen and Jürgen Flinspach on his life and work. 

Collaboration with other organizations
Media Literacy or Media Addiction?  
Paula Bleckmann

Invited by the Alliance for Childhood network group in Brussels, Paula Bleckmann gave a talk on this theme in the European Parliament. 

International Play Day 
Sunday, November 20, 2016 

The International Alliance for Childhood is promoting an International Play Day that celebrates Universal Children' s Day, the anniversary of the signing of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Waldorf Early Childhood Education Worldwide

"A little here, a little there, fills the tin"
Waldorf Education in East Africa
Silviah Njagi

Impressions of Waldorf early childhood education in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
Introductory Course in Waldorf Education 
for Young Teachers in Madagascar  
Anne Beauché

Do you know a school with 600 children where the average age of the teachers is 28? This school is in Madagascar and would like to become a Waldorf kindergarten and school. 

News from IASWECE
on the Importance of Sleep - 
An Invitation to Collaborate 
Jocelyn Roy, Stefanie Allon, Helle Heckmann, Lourdes Tormes, Claudia Freytag
The IASWECE Birth to Three Working Group is studying the the importance of sleep for children and adults.  We all need sleep to regenerate and connect to our dream life, and for the little child sleep is essential for the development of the physical body. The child needs sleep to grow. 

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