Hello from IUFRO Division 4!
Meet Your Division 4 Officers
Over the next few newsletters, we will introduce all of the Division 4 officers to you. A full list of your Division 4 officers can be downloaded for your convenience, or view the full list of units for Division 4.
  • mariana.melnykovych(at)ukr.net
  • Deputy Coordinator, 4.05.05, Social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Current Position: Guest Scientist, Economics and Social Sciences Research Unit, Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, WSL, Switzerland
  • Research Interests: multifunctional forestry, sustainable forest management, forest ecosystem services and participatory governance, innovations
  • marchettimarco(at)unimol.it
  • Deputy Coordinator, 4.03.03 and 4.04.07
  • Current Position: Professor and Chair of Forest Management and Conservation, University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy
  • Research Interests: multiresources inventory and forest mapping, forest management and land planning, fire monitoring, and biodiversity assessment
Lyudmyla Maksymiv
  • lyudmyla.maksymiv(at)nltu.edu.ua
  • Deputy Coordinator 4.05.00
  • Current Position: Associate Professor, Department of Ecological Economics, Ukrainian National Forestry University
  • Research Interests: environmental accounting, environmental management, ecological economics
  • peter.marshall(at)ubc.ca
  • Coordinator, 4.01.03
  • Current Position: Professor and Director, Forest Resources Management Program, Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Research Interests: forest measurements, sampling design, growth and yield
  • maria.nijnik(at)hutton.ac.uk
  • Coordinator, 4.05.05, Social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Current position: Principal Scientist of the James Hutton Institute 
  • Research Interests: multifunctional forestry, valuation of ecosystem services, resilience of socio-ecological systems, social innovation, and entrepreneurship
  • vmolmos(at)gmail.com
  • Deputy Coordinator, 4.05.03
  • Current Position: Adjunct Professor, Department of Economics, Northeast region, University of the Republic, Tacuarembó, Uruguay
  • Research interests: Forest Economics, Forest Finance, Economic Impact
  • davide.pettenella(at)unipd.it
  • Deputy Coordinator, 4.05.02
  • Current Position: Professor, Department Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, University of Padova, Italy
  • Research Interests: forest economics, forest products marketing, social and environmental responsibility in forestry
  • arne.pommerening(at)slu.se
  • Coordinator, 4.01.06
  • Current Position: Professor in Mathematical Statistics Applied to Forest Sciences, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umeå, Sweden
  • Research Interests: quantitative ecology, plant growth analysis, woodland structure, forest biometrics, theoretical forest science
Upcoming Division 4 Meetings
  • 28-29 September 2021
  • Volgatech University, Rusia
  • Deadline for manuscripts: 31 July, 2021

IUFRO World Day - Digital Forest Science Forum 2021 Online
  • 28-29 September, 2021

  • 2-4 June, 2022
  • Nancy, France
  • Division 4.04.07

  • 24-27 July, 2022
  • Estes Park, Colorado
  • Divisions 4.04.04, 3.04.00

  • 12-16 September, 2022
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Division 4.02.05
Scholarship & Job Opportunities
Call for Papers
Call for submissions to a special issue of Forests: Spatial Decision Support for Forest Management and Policy Formulation.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 19 September, 2021
Recent Work
Unit 4.05.05, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, organized a session titled "The power of social innovation in mountain areas to steer a sustainable governance of nature" for an international scientific conference, the 6th Forum Carpaticup – Linking the Environmental, Political and Societal Aspects for Carpathian Sustainabilit". The conference will be held from 21-25 June, 2021, in the conference center of Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic.
Submitted by Maria Nijnik
Submitted by Juergen Boehmer
Submitted by Vitor Hoeflich
Other Forestry News
Seminar #4 of the International Tree Mortality Network, an initiative of the IUFRO Task Force on Monitoring Trends and Patterns of Global Tree Mortality, is now available online. Watch the seminar on YouTube.

Virginia Morales Olmos has been named Delegate from the University of the Republic (Uruguay) in the timber development network of Rivera (REDEMA).

Vitor Hoeflich has been named Head of the Rural Economics and Extension Department and a member of the research committee of the Agrarian Sciences Sector, Federal University of Parana.
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