March 2021
A Message from Board President Susan Palombo
As I began this message on February 16, 2021, our home was without power due to rare winter weather in Central Texas. None of us could imagine how the next several days would unfold. 
One week later, I’m circling back to acknowledge the extraordinary, difficult experiences that our members and neighbors have suffered. While most of us now have power and water restored, some are still boiling their drinking water, repairing broken pipes, and cleaning up water damage. Many in our community will endure lifestyle and economic consequences of damage to homes and businesses. Know that we see you and hear you. Know that we honor the assistance you’ve extended to others. Know that we stand with you to make our Central Texas communities the best they can be.
Please connect to our blog for the rest of my original message, including the heartwarming introduction to Impact Austin’s newest bundle of joy.

Warm wishes to each of you,
Susan Palombo, President
Impact Austin Board of Directors
Amplify the Next Generation of Philanthropists: March 4-5
On March 4-5, Impact Austin is again participating in Amplify Austin, Central Texas’ single largest 24 hours of charitable giving. We are raising funds to support our operational costs; the necessary expenses that make all of our community-changing work possible. We are excited to shine a spotlight on Girls Giving Grants (g3)—telling the story of how this special program continues to empower the next generation of female philanthropists! Visit our Amplify Austin page to pre-schedule your gift or to sign up as a peer fundraiser.

If you’d like to get more involved in Amplifying g3, email Nicole.  
2021 Discovery Days Recap
This year we took our traditional “day of learning” to a new level.

2021 Discovery Days delivered 9 sessions over 6 weeks and across three tracks – plus Impact Austin general sessions!

With the theme of Grow. Engage. Impact., our virtual event reached a wider audience than ever, delivering hours of philanthropy education free of charge. If you missed a session, you’ll find it recorded on our website and YouTube channel. Our blog offers some of our key observations, takeaways, and inspirations from 2021 Discovery Days. If you have feedback to offer about Discovery Days, please reach out here.

Thank you to the Discovery Days Committee, including Chair Margaret von Flatern, Office Manager Nicole Genovese, Tech Magician Caroline Beck, and Videography by Deanna DeHaven and C2C Media. Applause continues for Sarah Wauters, Beth Thorson, Ann Nelson, Lauren Lewis, Alice Marsel, Helen Wight, and Linda Yang and Judi McCarthy from Marketing.
Community and Education Grant Applications Received
Impact Austin received 80 total applications for Community and Education Grants. In 2020 and 2019, these focus areas drew a total of 51 and 58 applications, respectively.

The Education Grant elicited 42 applications; the Community Grant, 38. From both categories, twelve applicants are collaboratives. Ten applicants seek capacity-building support; 33 applied for program support; 37 applications seek funding for both.
GRCs Start Work
Grant Review Committees (GRCs) are robust for the spring season: 36 on the Education GRC and 35 on the Community GRC. Both include a good number of new members. If you’re interested in GRC service, registration for Fall GRCs opens July 1.
Girls Giving Grants
The 76 members of Girls Giving Grants (g3) have announced finalists for their 2021 grant of $7,600. Read about their semi-finalists and finalists here.

Virtual site visits will follow on April 3, and g3’s 2021 grant recipient will be announced by late April.
Board of Directors News
Welcome to Simone Talma Flowers
Impact Austin member and Executive Director of Interfaith Acion of Central Texas (iACT), Simone Talma Flowers joined Impact Austin’s Board of Directors on January 1. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, she believes everyone—regardless of age, gender, religion and culture—should have access to opportunities, so they can live up to their fullest potential. Simone has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Business Administration from St. Edward’s University, with over 27 years of extensive experience in nonprofit management. She is the recipient of the Gulen Peace Award from the Dialogue Institute of Austin, the Outstanding Alumni Award from Leadership Austin, and the Anne Durrum Robinson Creative Initiative Award from Women Communicators of Austin. Welcome to the Board, Simone!
Philanthropy Education
Explore our YouTube Content
As we pivoted to virtual events in 2020 and 2021, we created a vast store of video content. This has been preserved on our YouTube Channel and organized into playlists. From, you can search for Impact Austin; our channel will be the first entry on the page (with individual videos most recently added just below). Click on our channel, and then you’ll see our page display. Find Playlists, and you’re ready to search! Here are shortcuts to playlists for Philanthropy Education, Grant Outcomes, Signature Events, Girls Giving Grants, and Learn More about Impact Austin. Have fun exploring, and share content with anyone interested in Impact Austin.
Impact Austin Advancement
As you know, Impact Austin is always excited to invite more women to join our membership, strengthening our capacity to deliver high-impact grants to Central Texas nonprofits in need!

To that end, IA’s Advancement Committee seeks to create relationships with local companies and local offices of national/international firms to introduce their female employees to the power of our collective giving. We need your help to make those connections.

Please think about companies in which you or your family/friends have a connection and/or check out the list of companies linked here for inspiration. Then either:

•  Send them a personalized version of the suggest email linked here
•  Contact the Advancement Committee and we’ll take it from there!
Community Partner Spotlight
We’re throwing it back to 2016 and our $94,000 Education Grant to Capital IDEA for their Rural Single Mothers Education Project. The grant would benefit 100 rural mothers by paying for their community college tuition and all associated expenses in order to guide them from dead-end jobs or unemployment to employment in skilled careers.

Capital IDEA reports a two-generational effect: 90% of children of Capital IDEA graduates finish high school 70% go to college, thus breaking a cycle of poverty. Watch and listen to learn more.
Upcoming Events
March 4-5 - Amplify Austin - Support Girls Giving Grants with Amplify ATX.

March 25 - Zones Gathering: Antonelli's Cheese Class - email sign up is here

June 7 - Impact Austin Annual Meeting - save the date!
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