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Mary Grace Tighe, Jacquie Stern and Sue Dubow

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Moving beyond one million, giving as one 






Awbury Arboretum 

The Center for Grieving Children

Community Learning Center 


Monday evening June 1, Impact100 members and guests gathered in Philadelphia for an exciting event: presentations by five grant finalists and subsequent voting by members to determine the 2015 grant awards.


Three $100,000 project grants were awarded to:


Awbury Arboretum
Awbury is a 55 acre arboretum located in the Germantown neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia. Awbury has developed an Agricultural Village on the property that includes a farm-kitchen classroom, a greenhouse, and a community orchard. These resources and additional underutilized land on the property will be used by and for the Teen Leadership Corporation (TLC), which Awbury will expand with Impact100 funding. TLC's mission is to create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to learn about food, farming, entrepreneurship and each other. TLC prioritizes recruiting teens who live in or attend schools in the arboretum's neighboring low-income zip codes. With 25 students involved in the TLC pilot, Awbury's goal now is to expand the program to approximately 100 students. 


The Center for Grieving Children

The Center helps children and teens grieving a death to heal and grow through their loss and grief, and offers support to families, communities and professionals on the best ways to respond to their needs. In addition to working with children and their caregivers, The Center provides a training and resource center for school counselors, teachers, and caseworkers who interact with grieving children and teens. With the Impact100 grant, The Center for Grieving Children will expand their community-based programming to serve an additional 100-150 grieving children in two underserved neighborhoods, South/Southwest Philadelphia and Lower Northeast Philadelphia. The Center will also train an additional 50-100 front-line professionals and community leaders throughout Philadelphia to improve crisis response services to grieving families.


Community Learning Center (CLC)

The Center is an adult literacy nonprofit organization that has been serving low-income adults in Philadelphia since 1987. For CLC learners, passing the GED is the critical stepping-stone toward achieving economic self-sufficiency for themselves and their families. In 2014, the GED Testing Service released a new four-part exam causing a dramatic drop in the number of learners taking and passing the new exam. With the Impact100 grant, CLC will create, test and revise instructional programs and individual lesson plans for each of GED 2014's four subject areas. After successfully testing the curriculum within its population of low-income adult learners, CLC intends to share the toolkit with other adult literacy providers. CLC expects to directly reach 600 learners within its own organization during the first year of using the new materials.


Two significant $25,000 grants were awarded to:

Philadelphia Youth Orchestra 

Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance (MANNA)


We thank the many worthy organizations that participated in Impact100's grant process this year. We were fortunate to witness your energy and commitment. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors.




"It takes a village and we have a remarkable one," said Impact100 Co-President Sue Dubow, opening Monday night's Annual Meeting. Sue thanked the organization's 377 members, who donated the $377,000 awarded that night, as well as all of the finalists, saying that each one would go home a winner. After moving presentations from each of the finalists, the membership awarded Awbury Arboretum, The Center for Grieving Children and the Community Learning Center each a $100,000 project grant, as well as an additional $9,000 in operating support. MANNA and the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra both received $25,000 in operating support.


Anna Herman, a community leader and food business owner and consultant, spoke for Awbury

Anna Herman and Heather Zimmerman of the Awbury Arboretum

 Arboretum's Teen Leadership Program (TLC), saying that it was born out of their Germantown neighborhood's desire for teens to have "an opportunity to learn and to earn." After a successful initial launch, with 25 young adults from diverse backgrounds working together to learn about food, farming, entrepreneurship, and each other, TLC is ready to expand. "This is our moment of transition," said Anna. "Your support [will be] the bridge to long-term sustainability."


The Community Learning Center, an Impact100 finalist and operating grant recipient in 2013, will use this year's grant to develop new teaching curriculum for the 2014 GED, a redesigned test that has led to dramatic reduction in pass rates both in Pennsylvania and nationally. Rebecca Wagner, CLC's Executive Director, explained to 

Dawn Hanna and Rebecca Wagner of Community Learning Center

the members the impact their funding would have: "This is bigger than just CLC. Our intention is to share what we learn with our colleagues at other agencies in the city, state and beyond." After receiving the news that Impact100 was awarding CLC $109,000, Wagner thanked the membership, "We are honored and thrilled to receive this grant to further our work to support adult learners to achieve their educational goals and self-sufficiency for them and their families."


Darcy Walker Krause, Executive Director for The Center for Grieving Children, explained how they would use Impact100 funding to expand their community-based programming to serve an additional 100-150 grieving children in two underserved neighborhoods: South/Southwest Philadelphia and Lower Northeast Philadelphia. Her 

Darcy Krause and Lauren DeMarco, The Center for Grieving Children

presentation ended on an emotional note, when she shared that she lost her mother when she was 15 and hoped that Impact100 funding would extend the "lifeline" of their programming to more children. Her colleague, Lauren DeMarco, thanked Impact100 for the support: "We want to make [the membership] proud and put your money to good use."

We have no doubt that The Center for Grieving Children, and all of our 2015 grantees, will do so, making a tremendous difference in the Philadelphia region. We are proud to support their work and look forward to sharing the impact from these grants with members over the next 15 months and beyond. 

~~ Submitted by Impact100 member, Lisa Solinsky


The Annual Meeting in Pictures

Our Founders Fellows: Jessica Franzini, Stephanie Taylor, Janea Jordan, Jennifer Wilmot (missing from the photo is Liz Brown)

A Gathering of Grantees

Impact's Fantastic Financial Review Panel

 Barbara Rice, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Karen Nathan, Webmaster

~~Photos taken by volunteers Denise Horan and Cheryl Haze
Members and Friends: Thanks for a Great Year!

Impact100 exists to put money into the community in order to educate, nourish and serve those in need. Earlier this week, for the second year in a row, we were able to award three $100,000 grants. In addition, we were able to share $50,000 in unrestricted funding for two more deserving organizations. Thank you for making this possible!

And thanks to those members who have provided Impact100 with operating support over the years by increasing their $1,000 donation by $100 or more. You've helped Impact100 acquire necessary software to ease the application process, defray the cost of a part-time administrator, move to electronic voting, and make the Annual Meeting a fantastic (and after this week, one might even say gourmet) event in a beautiful venue. Thank you!
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