February 2015
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Required for FAC members. Any members not participating in an FAC are welcome to attend the general proposal review training in the first half of the program.

February 19

6:45 - 9:00 p.m.
 Friends Central School


Giving with Impact

Guest Speaker: Katherina Rosqueta Founding Executive Director of The Center of High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania

April 22

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Reed Smith, LLC


If you are a member between the ages of 21 and 35 and are interested in networking, socializing and collaborating with other members in this age range, please contact Ellan Bernstein here.

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Monday, June 1, 2015


Moving beyond one million, giving as one 



Dear Members and Friends,

The grants process has officially moved into the Full Proposal stage and fifty organizations have been invited to submit proposals across our five Focus Areas. 

On February 19th, our members will gather at the 2015 Grant Kick-Off Session for proposal review training and the first Focus Area Committee (FAC) meeting for each of the five focus areas. The evening will begin with an information session covering Impact100 Philadelphia history, grant evaluation process, and an overview of timelines.  Members will then meet with their assigned Focus Area Committees for the first time.

The next several months are busy ones for the Focus Area Committees. In mid-March, FACs will identify 3-5 organizations in each Focus Area to receive Site Visits - most of which will occur in April - and by mid-May they will select one finalist in each area. 

Finalists will be presented to the general membership at the Annual Meeting on June 1 where three $100,000 project grants and two $25,000 operating grants will be awarded.

Thank you, in advance, to FAC members for your participation in the grant evaluation process, the heart and soul of Impact's work. We are grateful for the energy, enthusiasm and care you will bring to the process.


Our best,

Emily V. Biscardi and Carrie Brodsky

Grants Co-Chairs 


WePAC staff celebrates the opening of Hamilton Elementary School Library -- see below in Grantee News
Impact100 In the News!

Thank you to Inside Philanthropy for writing this story about Impact's record membership (and grant dollars) this year!



Nominating period for Impact100 Board Positions coming soon


Impact100 Philadelphia is committed to engaging members with fresh ideas, leadership skills and a passion for philanthropy. As a number of existing board members complete their terms this June, we are looking to fill these positions with members interested in leadership participation. 


Impact100 has always been driven by members' contributions, feedback and ideas, and as such, we look to you to help us continue to grow. Open positions are: Membership Co-Chair, Communications Co-Chair, Grants Co-Chair, and Secretary.  


If you are interested in contributing your skills and talents to Impact in a leadership position, or you know other members who would make great leaders, please nominate yourself or others to our board at Be on the lookout for an email arriving March 11th with greater details about open Board positions for the 2015/2016 term. 


Member Profiles

Jean Sachs

Tell us about yourself:

Jean Sachs with Son Max, a member of the US National Guard
Jean Sachs with son Max, a member of the US National Guard

I'm the CEO of Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a national organization dedicated to connecting people with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. In the 18 years I've lead the organization, we've grown from an annual budget of $150,000 to over $5 million, and we reach over 500,000 women and families affected by breast cancer each year. Previously, I worked for Allyson Schwartz when she was in the PA State Senate and my first job out of college was at Womens Way. My career has always been focused on improving women's health. I live in Mt. Airy with my husband. We have a 19 year old son and a german shepherd named Odin.

Why did you join Impact100?

LBBC applied for a Impact100 grant years ago, so I always knew about the organization but didn't consider it for myself. Honestly, I had questions because Impact100 doesn't follow a sustained funding model (funding the same organization for multiple years). Last year I was invited to attend an information session and was so impressed by how thoughtful Impact100 is with its process and how the organization does stay involved with grantees in different ways.

Tell us about taking on a leadership role as a Focus Area Committee Chair:

Last year as a new member I joined the Family FAC, and it was nice to work in an area outside of health, my professional interest. This year I decided to take a leadership role, so Marcea Driscoll and I are chairing the Arts & Culture FAC. I've learned so much working through the Letters of Inquiry process. I'm now aware of 28 organizations I didn't know anything about before and have been impressed with what they are accomplishing on a small budget.

I'm so aware of the limited funding from foundations for nonprofits in Philadelphia, so I know Impact100 plays a very important role in providing significant grants. I feel we're making a real difference in the philanthropic world and that's exciting to me. It's definitely a lot of work, but so rewarding.


Nancy Purcell


Tell us a little bit about your background:

I work for Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor.  Previously, I've worked as a business to business sales executive.

Nancy Purcell

How did you learn about Impact100 and why did you decide to join?

When Impact100 was forming I heard about it from my friend Karen

Nathan.  I liked the idea of collective giving, and the organization was intriguing, and I am very glad that I joined.


Tell us about your membership experience and how you've chosen to be involved:

Participating on a Focus Area Committee last year was a great experience. I loved how professionally the process was run.  The meeting times and dates were set ahead of time, so I knew to schedule and make the required time commitment. Information was provided to me before and between the meetings and being able to review applications on my own time, using our grants management system, really worked for me. I went on one site visit, which was an enriching experience and something that I wouldn't normally have the opportunity to do.

This year I didn't feel I had the time to join an FAC, but wanted to be involved. I hosted an information session. Again, I was impressed with the professionalism of the membership chairs and my co-hosts who helped coordinate that event.

If I had to sum up my Impact100 experience, I would say it's about collective giving with a high impact. Also important for me is my own enrichment through the educational and engaging grant-making process. Impact100 gives me the opportunity to participate in learning about local organizations, helping them meet unmet needs. Because the organization is so well run, you can determine in advance what is required and select your level of commitment based on the time you have available. 
News from Our Grantees
David Brown reads "Library Mouse" to Kindergartners at the Hamilton School

Former grantee
WePAC, the West Philadelphia Alliance for Children, works to reopen long shuttered elementary school libraries. Recently, they celebrated the successful opening of Hamilton Elementary School Library. According to an article by Sara Hoover on the Philadelphia Newsworks website, Hamilton Elementary students have not had a functional school library for over a decade. In the article, WePAC's executive director, David Brown, stressed the importance of reaching children early. "What we've found is that if kids are struggling when they're reading early, then they're not going to want to read later when they really need to be able to read," he said.


Mayor Nutter goes down to defeat
The After School Activities Partnership (ASAP) was mentioned in an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. On January 31st, 240 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade took part in the PECO-ASAP Checkmate Violence Chess Marathon. An audience of 300 burst into applause as 12 year old Candida Layla Wilcox defeated Mayor Mike Nutter in less than 15 minutes. Check out the full story in the Inquirer here.

Operating Grantee HIAS filed its final report on the $14,000 Impact100 grant it received last June. In it they state, "With ESL, financial literacy and nutritional education, all enhanced by the Impact100 Philadelphia operating grant, the refugees served learned essential life skills and improved their nutrition/health, thereby advancing towards independence and self-sufficiency." The report is highly recommended reading for those interested in the work of this committed organization.

The Therapy Center of Philadelphia (TCP), formerly know as the Women's Therapy Center, used their $14,000 Impact100 operating grant to grow their program. This fall, they were able to help 30 more women gain control of their lives and futures. Their final report included a moving story of a young woman struggling through the aftermath of a physical assault. 
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