April 2, 2020

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Pandemic brings out the best in local firms as they fight disease and help peers through tumultuous times.

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GE Customer Experience Center
Hundreds are expected to interact with this space, and they aren't likely to walk away disappointed.
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The amenity-rich, technology-driven campus fosters innovation.

The 2020 Commercial Design Awards are sponsored by CG Schmidt and Old National Bank.

20 Years of 40 Under 40: Where Are They Now?
Sean M. Cleary
Sean M. Cleary, Class of 2001
IB is catching up with 40 Under 40 alums to see what they've been up to lately. This week features 
Sean M. Cleary, president, Cleary Building Corp.
We also caught up with Ahna Skop, professor of genetics,
, Class of 2008.

Business Report


Jessica M. Kramer
Law at Work  By Jessica M. Kramer, et al
Joe Maier
Open Mic   A guest blog by Joe Maier

Digital Issue

IB Poll
According to the latest Marquette Law School poll, 44% of Wisconsinites think things will return to normal from the COVID-19 crisis by the end of May. Do you agree?
A. Yes, that's two months from now. We'll have a handle on it by then.
B. I'm hopeful, but not optimistic. Feels more like end of summer to me.
C. No way. We won't see "normal" until sometime this fall at best.

To cast your vote, click here and then scroll down to the IB Poll on the right-hand side of the page. 
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Results from last week's poll question:
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a number of local businesses are finding they don't have enough of a financial cushion to keep the lights on, let alone pay their employees, when revenue has dried up. Has this changed the way you look at your own personal finances?
Yes, I'm definitely watching my budget more closely now and I worry what will happen if I lose my job.  
No, I've always made sure to save enough to have at least the recommended six months worth of salary in reserve.   
No, I'm actually spending more money on things to keep myself entertained at home.

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