Welcome to our February 2018 Newsletter

A warm welcome to our February Newsletter. With the new year in full flow, and hopefully for many of us year end commitments starting to calm down, now is the time to take 5 minutes and check out our selection of articles to help you improve your business processes.

In this issue

We are delighted to report on our  Q&A session  with Lyn Bromley, Managing Director of First impressions Training Ltd and co-author of the book Trusted.In this article Lyn discusses with Innovar's Richard Jones the importance of trusted relationships across the business.
We look at Automation in Finance and the impact this will have on future finance roles.
Our article stop using excel encourages you to look at your dependency on the worlds best personal productivity tool but not the best planning tool!

As always we end the Newsletter with our 'And Finally' planning quote.

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A Trusted Partnership

Further to the launch of the new business book Trusted, Richard Jones discusses with Lyn Bromley, one of the book's authors and former Innovar director, how the concepts in the book apply to business planning, budgeting and forecasting.
Trusted is full of inspirational ideas, top tips and insights from the authors' experience of working with world-class organisations.  The book also epitomizes Innovar's belief and values on how to do business; building long term trusted partnerships with our customers, vendors and suppliers.


Automation in Finance

I read on the BBC news website '" is this the year 'weaponised' AI bots do battle?"

It seems that AI is set to take the world by storm and it will certainly be welcomed where it can help or replace mundane administrative jobs. As the BBC report states "AI can sift through vast amounts of digital data, learn and improve, spot patterns we can't hope to see, and hopefully make sensible decisions based on those insights." In that regard AI could make many jobs a lot better and improve efficiency and accuracy. Of course there is likely to be an impact in the finance sector but what is it likely to be and will it be good or bad?


Stop Using Excel

'Stop Using Excel' probably sounds a bit excessive and realistically Excel will not be going away for some time yet. But do you still have Excel spreadsheets as the key structural element for your budgeting and forecasting process? This is where maybe you should think about stopping using Excel and moving onto something more appropriate

And Finally

"A clear vision, backed by definite plans, gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power."

We hope you find this useful and would welcome any feedback you may have. If you enjoyed reading this then please feel free to share this with your colleagues 

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