News Update on Financial Planning for Business
April 2017

Welcome to our April Newsletter and wishing all our customers a very Happy Easter.

In this issue:
We have two articles offering advice for improving your planning experience within your company, one focusing on employees the other on your systems and processes. 

We also have an article about some of the more strange planning projects Innovar's Paul Baron has been involved in.

2017 is the Year for CFO's to Plan Smarter Not Harder

Financial planning and analysis teams are still putting in long hours during the planning period, but this is not by choice.

It is hard to believe that even in 2017 a huge number of organisations are still dealing with masses of spreadsheets that are packed with formula errors, broken links and macros, ultimately producing unreliable numbers. Numbers that are then used to take important financial decisions.

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Retaining Knowledge and Experience In Your Company

The BBC have reported that the " Queen in sapphire for 65 years on throne." That is an extremely long time to be holding down a 'job' and over the years the Queen has seen many changes both good and bad for the UK and the whole of the Commonwealth. It led me to thinking what a valuable source of knowledge the Queen must be. There are probably not that many political situations she hasn't experienced before. In a similar vein I am sure you have employees in your company who are very experienced and knowledgeable. So how do you retain that knowledge in your company and pass it onto future employees? Here we look at a few hints and tips that will help you plan for this.

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Strange But True Planning Projects

The consultants at Innovar have worked on a wide range of planning projects over the years. In some cases they have helped customers to perform planning on some of the unusual aspects of their business and in this article Paul Baron, relates two such cases:

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And Finally

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." -  Abraham Lincoln

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