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October 2015
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Welcome to our October newsletter. I hope you had a good summer and managed to enjoy some of the fleeting sunshine that we had.

In this newsletter we focus upon Anaplan. With the annual Anaplan Hub event in London only days away we invite you to come to this event, free of charge, as a guest of Innovar. To understand how the Anaplan product is developing we have also included an article looking at the upcoming Anaplan release. Finally we have included an article which looks at planning ahead and in particular how far ahead you should be planning.
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Innovar is the expert planning company. We offer IBM Cognos Planning and TM1, BOARD and  Anaplan software and implementation services. We provide specialist budgeting and forecasting training and consultancy services and we help solve spreadsheet issues.

In this issue
Anaplan Hub 2015 in London 8th October 2015


If you want to initiate change in your organisation; if you want to learn about the leading planning, budgeting and forecasting technology; if you want to improve your sales, financial or operational processes, forecasting and analysis, if you want to be inspired then join the Innovar team at Anaplan Hub World Tour 2015 in London on 8th October 2015.


The Anaplan Hub events have become a focal point for businesses wanting to meet, learn and share their expertise. The 2015 meeting in London is expected to be the biggest Anaplan event in Europe to date with an expected 500 delegates attending, key note sessions from business leaders and process experts, plus educational sessions and customer case studies. This is a brilliant learning/educational event - this is not a sales event!


Come and meet fellow Anaplanners and be inspired by their stories on how Anaplan cloud based modelling has completely changed how their organisation works across multiple functions from the executive to business users. Hear how organisations have moved away from being completely dependent on Excel or other traditional systems. Join us as a guest of Innovar to;

  • Meet the Innovar team, part of the Anaplan global community
  • Let us introduce you to the Anaplan product development team,
  • Check out the product road map
  • Talk with actual Anaplan users,
  • Arrange a one to one session with our team to discuss your requirements
  • Learn about our free Anaplan challenge


For further information and the opportunity to receive one of our limited VIP promotional invitations to gain free entry to this event please email Innovar at:


We look forward to seeing you there  


By Richard Jones 


Anaplan upcoming release - new look and feel and a favourite new feature!

With both husband and daughter returning to school this month (one slightly more excited than the other...), and with the accompanying emphasis on new starts and moving onwards and upwards, it seems fitting that I was able to attend a webinar focusing on the new features set to be released by Anaplan in their fourth and final update for 2015.

Read Full Article Here

By Catherine Hubbard
Planning Ahead
I read the guardian article "How much fossil fuel has been used in your lifetime?" with some interest. There is a staggering amount of statistics on the webpage and it made me realise how fast we are using up the remaining fossil fuel we have. However from a planning perspective it also made me realise the need to plan for alternative sources of fuel.

Read Full Article Here

By Janice Jones 
And Finally

"The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done... you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do."    Lil Wayne
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