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February 2016
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Welcome to our first newsletter of the year. We have hit the new year running and have many interesting news articles for you. Firstly to bring you up todate with some aspects of Anaplan and in this respect we have an article with a link to the Curver PLC Case Study on our website. This provides a view of Anaplan from a customer perspective. We also have an article analysing the new features in the December release of Anaplan.

There are two further articles providing hints and tips about planning. The first "Review Your Planning Process" considers important points for reviewing your planning process, the second "Language Matters" looks at how language can influence a budget or forecast.
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Innovar is the expert planning company. We offer IBM Cognos Planning and TM1, BOARD and  Anaplan software and implementation services. We provide specialist budgeting and forecasting training and consultancy services and we help solve spreadsheet issues.

In this issue
Curver PLC Case Study Video

Innovar are pleased to announce the release of our Curver Plc Case Study Video , in which James Craner, Finance Director, Curver, talks about the implementation of Anaplan at Curver and working with Innovar during the project. Amongst other things this video reveals some thoughts on Anaplan from a customer perspective.
Anaplan December Release

As we have come to expect from Anaplan there was another release of updated features and enhancements which went live in December - an Anaplan Christmas present if you will!

Once again there are a couple of features which caught my eye which I think indicate the ongoing trend for the application to meet its customer's needs and also anticipate future requirements. I also think that this release showed Anaplan's long term commitments to ongoing improvement.

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Review Your Planning Process

With the New Year upon us, now is the time to view your business in a fresh light. From a planning perspective this could be an opportunity to review your planning, budgeting and forecasting process to check it is still meeting the needs of your company. It is all too easy to repeat what has gone before, even if things have changed, rather than taking a few extra moments to analyse and improve.

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Language Matters

Just because we deal with numbers so much, we cannot afford to let our command of the English language let us down. Probably because we deal with number so much, we realise that being precise is fundamental to the roles we perform and that without precision, we let ourselves and our organisations down.

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And Finally

"If you have to forecast, forecast often. "     
--Edgar R. Fiedler in The Three Rs of Economic Forecasting-Irrational, Irrelevant and Irreverent , June 1977.
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