May 2018
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"We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination."   
~ David Lynch
We've had a busy spring, and the month of May looks like it's going to be busy as well.  The new GDPR legislation in Europe will have an impact on us all in Canada, and we're gearing up for that to come into effect later this month.  We've just wrapped up a couple CPHR events in Alberta and BC, a Renewal in Vancouver, and as an organization, Insights is embarking on a new five-year strategy that impacts all the offices around the world.

In this edition we've got some event updates, the usual interesting reads and more, so we invite you to take five, top up that mug, and catch up on the latest news and information from Insights Learning and Development.
GDPR - what does it mean?    

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect on the May 25th of this year. GDPR is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. Its objective is to give individuals more control over their personal data, and to harmonize the data privacy laws across Europe. These new regulations will apply to EU companies as well as many companies in Canada and the United States.

GDPR will have a global impact. It applies to all personal data held by Insights, no matter which office collected the data, no matter where in the world the data is stored, and no matter where the data subject lives in the world. It also applies to non-EU organizations that hold data about EU residents. Organizations not in compliance with the GDPR face fines of up to €20 million or 4% of their global annual turnover (whichever number is higher), and the risk of significant reputational damage.
What are the new rules?
There's no doubt GDPR is complex but to help here are the key themes...
  • Know what personal data you have, and why you have it
  • Only collect and store the minimum data necessary
  • Be transparent about how you use it
  • Manage that data in a structured way
  • Know who is responsible for it
  • Encrypt what you wouldn't want to be disclosed
  • Design a security-aware culture
  • Be prepared - expect the best but prepare for the worst
You can find out even more about GDPR on the official EUGDPR website

Watch for further updates on the GDPR regulations. 
CPHR BC and Yukon event 

Anne Bishop doing her best 'Vanna' impression
The CPHR folks from BC and the Yukon recently wrapped up their 2018 "Impact Starts With You" conference and trade show at the Vancouver Conference Centre.

Insights was there, with Anne Bishop and Barry Christiansen from the Vancouver office hosting the booth and Deborah Lang in attendance as well throughout the event.

We met a lot of clients and customers and enjoyed some really deep and meaningful conversations.  We're really looking forward to next year's event already. 

Thanks to organizers, and everyone who stopped by the Insights booth to chat and ask questions. 
EventsUpcoming Events  
Insights Discovery Accreditations
  Regina - June 05-08
 Halifax - July 16-19  
Calgary - September 24-27
Toronto - October 2-5
Vancouver - November 27-30  
Become an Insights Practitioner

Nobody knows the challenges your organization is facing better than those on the inside.
That's why we've accredited thousands of people around the world, putting the power of Insights Discovery where it belongs - in the hands of your learning and development professionals.

If you're a learning and development consultant looking to use Insights Discovery with your own customers, get in touch for more information.

Here's what happens at the 4-day IDA
There are now over 30 public and internal Accreditations every year across North America, which demonstrates how many organizations are choosing to bring Insights Discovery 'in house'.  In Western Canada, we always end up with a waiting list for IDA sessions, so if you're considering attending an IDA in a city near you, don't hesitate.
Find full details and registration information   here.

RenewalsPractitioner Renewals
Renewal is required for all Insights Discovery Practitioners two years from your date of Accreditation to ensure you have the most current information available to you to continue using the Insights Discovery suite as effectively as possible.  It is a great opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge, share best practices with other Practitioners, and get exposure to new materials and ideas for enhancing programs inside your organization.

Upcoming Renewal dates  
Halifax - Tuesday, July 24  
Calgary - Wednesday, October 17 
Vancouver - November 7

Our North American Customer Conference is scheduled for October 23-24 in Nashville.  Click here for full details and registration links.
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