October 2017
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"Now and then, it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness....
and just be happy.


OK.  Tell the truth.  Is anyone else tired of all things 'pumpkin spice' yet?  From lattes to lip balm to pizza, (I'm not making this up) the seasonal spice seems to have found its way into nearly everything.  That must mean it is now officially autumn.

As the leaves change colour, we're ramping up for a very busy October.  We've got an Insights Discovery Accreditation in Calgary this month, a CP Renewal in Vancouver, CPHR events in Saskatoon and Winnipeg, and plenty more to keep us hopping.

For now, we invite you to top up that mug (you can add pumpkin spice if you insist), take five, and catch up on the latest news and information from Insights Learning and Development.

Thriving through Change

Change is defined as any moment or event that is unexpected.  And change seems to be coming at us with greater volume, complexity and speed, creating an urgent imperative to increase our competence in managing change.

The Insights Thriving through Change program leverages the self-awareness gained by Insights Discovery, combining it with current change theory and learning activities. By the end of this program, your people will have a greater understanding of how they react to change - and why.  They will have also developed some ideas on how to reduce the stresses caused by change, and increased their agility in general, as well as in relation to a particular change that may be happening at the time.

Thriving through Change is designed to help your people remain resilient and positive in the face of change.  To learn more, please contact our office.

A Thriving through Change fact sheet is available here.
Knowing yourself is the best icebreaker

If there's one thing we know at Insights, it's that people are all unique, and that's OK. In fact, it's more than OK; diversity of strengths, skills, preferences, work styles, challenges and areas of expertise is what makes teams and organizations stronger together.  Like a rope fashioned from hundreds of fragile threads, the strength of the collective grows by a magnitude until, woven together just right, it has the strength to bear the heaviest of loads.

If you recognize that everyone is different, from the way they take their coffee to the way they prefer to learn, you're already a step ahead before you even take a peek at our online evaluator. 

If your personal preference is learning alone, you can recognize the barriers you start to put up when you hear the word 'icebreaker' and talk yourself down. Or if you recognize that your extraversion can sometimes go into overdrive in a group setting, you may be able to let others share the limelight sometimes. 

We're all unique, with all of the opportunities and difficulties that might bring with it. That's why our learning is designed to work for everyone.

To read the complete article, visit our Resources page here 
Upcoming Events  

Insights Discovery Accreditations
Calgary - Oct.23-26, 2017 (registration deadline October 5th)
Regina - Nov. 14-17, 2017
Vancouver - Nov. 28-Dec. 01, 2017
Calgary - Feb. 26-Mar 01, 2018
Toronto - Feb. 27-March 02, 2018
Vancouver - April 09-12, 2018
Calgary - Sept. 24-27, 2018
Toronto - Oct. 02-05, 2018
Vancouver - Nov. 27-30, 2018 

Become an Insights Practitioner

Insights Discovery gets right to the heart of any business challenge - and we can help you harness its power in your own organization.

Nobody knows the challenges your organization is facing better than those on the inside.
That's why we've accredited thousands of people across the world, putting the power of Insights Discovery where it belongs - in the hands of your learning and development professionals.
If you're a learning and development consultant looking to use Insights Discovery with your own customers, get in touch for more information.

There are now over 30 public and internal Accreditations every year across North America, which demonstrates how many organizations are choosing to bring Insights Discovery 'in house'.  In Western Canada, we always end up with a waiting list for IDA sessions, so if you're considering attending an IDA in a city near you, don't hesitate.
Full details and registration information is located here.

Practitioner Renewals
Renewal is required for all Insights Discovery Practitioners two years from your date of Accreditation to ensure you have the most current information available to you to continue using the Insights Discovery suite as effectively as possible.  It is a great opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge, share best practices with other Practitioners, and get exposure to new materials and ideas for enhancing programs inside your organization. 

Renewals are one-day interactive session for Insights Discovery Client Practitioners committed to keeping their learning alive. Renewals are full-day 're-accreditation sessions' designed to extend your Insights Discovery certification for another three years. 
While each program is adjusted to meet the needs of the registered participants, a typical day addresses questions such as:
  • What exercises can I use to reinforce key messages in a personal effectiveness workshop?
  • What do I need to remember when debriefing an individual's Insights Discovery Profile?
  • How can I apply other chapters in the Insights Discovery Profile?
  • What is common, and different, as you transition from an introductory workshop to Discovering Team Effectiveness or Discovering Leadership Effectiveness?
  • What's the difference between an integrated Insights learning strategy and single event workshops?
  • What new resources might fit with the needs in my organization?
Vancouver - Wednesday, October 18th
Toronto - Thursday, October 19th
The Gift of Discovery is our exciting new corporate social responsibility program.  This is a collaborative offering for leadership teams of small charities, not-for-profits and social enterprises.

Working together with our CPs and LPs, we provide a personal, team, or leadership effectiveness session free of charge to these organizations to help them improve the efficiency of their people.

You can access a Fact Sheet about the Gift of Discovery here.

To learn how you can participate, follow this link.

If you'd like more information about The Gift of Discovery, please contact our office. 
Forget the polite workplace.  Dance and ruffle some feathers instead.

Self-aware people are an organization's strongest competitive advantage

Who you are is how you lead.  Defining leadership as who you are, without getting all bogged down in 'authenticity'.

The secret to success isn't what you think.  This is something we all know, but few of us keep it at the top of mind.
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Dale Nelson, 
Insights Learning and Development