Volume 9 Issue 1
January 2022
Happy New Year!

We hope you had a safe and joyful holiday season. The New Year is a special time in Japan, not only because it is the time of year visiting family and friends, but also because special events, like the Coming-of-Age Ceremony, occur. Every January, young Japanese who've turned 20 are celebrated in a special ceremony marking their passage into adulthood.

Just as these young people look to the future with hope of great things to come, we also wish you a year of success and good fortune.

May 2022 be a happy one for you!
Upcoming Staff Speaking Engagement
Present and Future of International Cooperation for the Realization of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific (FOIP)
148th Transport Policy Colloquium
Tuesday, February 1st, 2022
10:00 am- 12:00pm JST
JITTI USA's Maritime Analyst Yasuhiro Okamoto will be presenting at this event.

Please note that while the colloquium will be in Japanese, a video with English subtitles will later be released.
New Published Research
JITTI USA analysts produce reports on timely US-Japan transportation and tourism issues. These reports are now published in English on our website! Why not check them out?

Recent publication topics include:

  • Publication of Traffic Management Regulations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Europe

  • New Noise Standards and Flight Authorization of Civil Supersonic Aircraft
In This Issue
Feature Article:

Tourism growth was a major topic this year among government officials as they created their budgets and goals for 2022. Learn more about what outcomes that the Japanese government hopes to accomplish this year as the pandemic continues to present challenges.
Cultural Article:

Just as holiday cards are an annual tradition for many families in the United States, Japan celebrates the beginning of a new year by sending out Nengajou. Discover the similarities and differences of this New Year tradition.
Articles of Note:
Final Thoughts
Thank you for reading the JITTI Journal.
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