Volume 10 Issue 1

January 2023

Nabana no Sato Winter Illuminations 2022-2023 (Sky Sailing Ship)

Every new year, early risers in Japan get up before daybreak to witness the year's first sunrise, called hatsuhinode (初日の出). As the light peaks above the horizon, they make wishes for good fortune or commit to goals for the year ahead.

At this dawning of the year, we wish for 2023 to be a time of good health and plentiful opportunities for all, and hope to see you at our events, which we are excited to prepare for you this year.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Upcoming Events

U.S.-Japan International Exchange and Tourism Symposium 2023

Rebuilding and Strengthening Exchange and Tourism Between the U.S. and Japan Post-COVID

Thursday, March 23rd

3:00- 6:00 PM

(Reception to Follow)

Hybrid Event

Willard InterContinental Hotel &

Held Virtually in English and Japanese

Relations between the U.S. and Japan have been supported by multi-layered and extensive people-to-people exchanges, which were severely constrained by the pandemic. Additionally recent world events of aggressive tactics by major powers have made it vital to develop and evolve the U.S.-Japan relationship.

This event aims to reconsider the significance of, and rebuild and strengthen, U.S.-Japan people-to-people exchanges to a new and higher dimension post-pandemic.

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In This Issue

Feature Article:

Autonomous Driving in Restricted Areas at Japanese Airports

by Yoshihiro Fujimaki

Development of the autonomous driving car is progressing not only for public roads but also for airport environments. With labor shortages being one issue that could be eased with automation, Japanese airports have begun testing these vehicles in restricted areas.

Cultural Article:


A Real-Life Winter Wonderland

by Mamiko Kim

Tucked away along the mountains spanning Gifu and Toyama prefectures, is Shirakawa-go, three picture-perfect historic villages made even more enchanting when blanketed in snow. This winter season, why not consider a visit?

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Articles of Note:

International travelers top 1 million for 1st time since 2020

Japan's JR West to switch all diesel trains to biofuel around 2030

Airline, train use up over New Year period, still down from 3 years ago

Japan to allow electric scooter riding without driver's license

Final Thoughts
Thank you for reading the JITTI Journal.
Until the next issue, whatever your mode, travel safely! 
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