Volume 7 Issue 4
July 2020
Japan enters a time of outdoor celebrations and festivals in the summer. The seventh day of the seventh month marks Tanabata, or the Star Festival, and on this day once a year lovers from an old folklore are able to meet via the Milky Way.

Just as these sweethearts were granted their wish to see each other again, Japanese mark the day by writing their desires on colorful paper and hanging them up on bamboo wishing trees. As summer nights offer a cool respite and brilliantly display the stars, we encourage you to make a wish. May they all be granted!
New Published Research
JITTI USA analysts produce reports on timely US-Japan transportation and tourism issues. These reports are now published in English on our website! Why not check them out?

Recent publication topics include:
  • Mobility on Demand in the United States

  • The History of Aircraft Certification and the Aftermath of the Boeing 737 Max Accidents

  • Introduction of the U.S. Travel Associations Guidance for Travel in Light of the Coronavirus
In This Issue
Feature Article:

Mobility as a Service and it's U.S. counterpart, Mobility on Demand, continue to gain traction in the transportation industry as technology grants a growing interconnected experience.
Cultural Article:

Of the senses, sound is one that can greatly evoke vivid memories, from the cry of a baby to a graduation song. In Japan, hearing these three sounds conjure up the hottest months of the year.
Articles of Note:
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