Volume 7 Issue 3
May 2020
While matcha, or Japanese green tea, can be enjoyed year-round, the freshest flavors come in May. During this month, gourmet Uji tea leaves are hand-picked and harvested, and many cafes and restaurants debut their seasonal matcha drinks, desserts, and other tasty offerings. It is one of the most anticipated times of the year for foodies in Japan!

We hope you can get a taste (literally) of this season with this video of a Japanese-style Matcha Panna Cotta recipe. Even if you haven't stepped out of the door, we hope it gives you the thrill of traveling to somewhere new.
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2020 International Rail Safety Symposium

Did You Know?
JITTI USA analysts produce reports on timely US-Japan transportation and tourism issues. These reports are now published in English on our website! Why not check them out?

Recent publications include:
  • The Impacts of the Spread of COVID-19 on Airports across the World

  • A multi-part series on transport-oriented growth and financing of Hudson Yard

  • The Achievement and Challenge of the Japan Guard on Giving Foreign Assistance
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JITTI USA's event in conjunction with the Cherry Blossom Festival has been postponed.
Feature Article:

The shipping sector has had a particular blow due to the novel coronavirus. JITTI USA Maritime Analyst, Yasuhiro Okamoto, presents the unique challenges that the industry has had to face in this unprecedented time.
Cultural Article:

Inspired by an annual May joke beloved on social media, JITTI USA staff member, Mamiko Kim, explores Japanese music consumption and discovers what is (and isn't) popular.
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