Volume 8 Issue 6
November 2021
At the end of the year, the publishing company Jiyukokuminsha organizes their annual Japan New Words and Buzzwords Awards of the most culturally impactful and popular words for that year. 2020's winner was "Sanmitsu" (3密), or the 3 C's, representing the three situations that the Japanese government recommended for people to avoid- confined spaces, crowds, and close-contact settings. The wide usage of the campaign even was used as the premise of a popular video game where one's character enforces these recommendations (as seen in the video above).

This year's nominees were recently announced, many inspired by the Tokyo Olympics. Slang terms coined by sports commentators (Gonzeme, (ゴン攻め)- cool skate boarding trick) or athletes' social media pages (Frog love (カエル愛) - influenced by featherweight boxing gold medalist Sena Irie's affection for frogs and frequent posts on them) have made the list. Squid Game, the Netflix show that gained global viewership and fans, was also included. Click here for the full list. If it were up to you, what buzzword would you pick as the winner for 2021?
New Published Research
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Recent publication topics include:

  • Mobility on Demand Trends in Washington, D.C. (Part 3)

  • New Noise Standards and Flight Authorization of Civil Supersonic Aircraft
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Feature Article:

For nearly two full years, the Coronavirus pandemic has stagnated the growth of Japan's tourism industry, which had been gaining international interest and seeing greater foreign visitors each year. With this in mind, the Japanese government has released some new policies for 2022 to encourage recovery and to showcase Japan's charm to international travelers.
Cultural Article:

Japan is known for their Kaiju movies featuring giant monsters, like Godzilla, that are sometimes friend and other times foe, but always forces of massive strength and power. However, internationally, few are familiar with Japan's historic real-life monsters, dinosaurs that are unique to this island nation. Cut off from the rest of the world, Japan's dinosaurs give both scientists and enthusiasts alike a rare glimpse into these creatures' evolutions.
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