Volume 9 Issue 6

November 2022

Nabana no Sato Winter Illuminations 2022-2023 (Sky Sailing Ship)

Welcome to Japan!


In Mie Prefecture, Japan's largest light show is currently running, depicting a ship sailing across sea, air, space, and time. International tourists need not make the same journey in order to have their own Japanese adventures, as Japan has finally opened its borders after a long pause due to the coronavirus pandemic.

During this season of gratitude, joy, and cheer, we hope that these good tidings are a bright omen of what lies in store in 2023.

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Upcoming Events

A Rapidly Changing Post Pandemic World Order and the

New Japan-U.S. Relationship Hereafter

Monday, December 12th

8:00 - 9:30 pm EST


Tuesday, December 13th

10:00 - 11:30 am JST

Virtual Event (free)

The international situation is changing drastically in the post-COVID era, including unforeseen and serious tensions and shifting global relationships. With this as a backdrop, it is vital that the US and Japan reevaluate their alliance and strengthen it to an even higher degree.

Join us in hearing a discussion from two of the most knowledgeable experts in diplomacy and security on this topic.

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U.S. 2022 National Travel and Tourism Strategy

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In This Issue

Feature Article:

Japan's Resumption of Accepting Foreigners as a Sign of Recovery from the COVID Pandemic

by Tetsuhiro Hagiwara

Japan's announcement allowing foreigners back into the country was long awaited. Discover how the news impacts the logistics of entering into the country, what it's like in Japan now, and the goals of the Japanese government for tourism in the future.

Cultural Article:

Honeymooning in Japan:

Worth the Wait

by Suzannah Nevas

COVID may have drastically altered wedding plans for JITTI staff member Suzannah Nevas, but a honeymoon in Japan was always the dream. Read her account on making it a reality this month, when she and her partner became one of the first international tourists entering the country after Japan's reopening.

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Articles of Note:

Japan visitors doubled to 500,000 in October after full reopening

Japan Airlines received the 2023 WORLD CLASS award for the second consecutive year

Japan expands fleet of Aegis missile defense destroyers to 8

JR East mulls seats for dogs on some special Shinkansen rides

Final Thoughts
Thank you for reading the JITTI Journal.
Until the next issue, whatever your mode, travel safely! 
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