February 20, 2020
superintendent's corner
Dear Jeffco Community,

Next week (February 24-28) is national Public Schools Week. Nine out of ten students in the United States attend public schools. In spite of all of our challenges, our nation boasts the largest and most robust economy, is unsurpassed in innovation and entrepreneurialism, has the most powerful and adaptive military, and remains a lighthouse democratic republic. 

Much of the narrative around public education focuses on deficiencies - what we don’t have or don’t do well. From the conditions of some of our buildings, concerns about the educator workforce, to inequities our students experience - often public education is framed or described in some state of crisis. 

I do not mean to diminish the challenges - past, present, and future. There is still much to do to make our education system all it can be for our children and community. But it is also appropriate that we take time to celebrate the accomplishments of our schools and the students and education professionals working within them. 

Next week, I urge you to find ways to share some of those successes and good work with your neighbors and family - in whatever way that makes sense for you. I also encourage you to thank the people working in our schools and to encourage our students toward fully realizing the greatness and talent they all have within them. You might do this by tagging your social media posts with #publicschoolproud, or by an old-fashioned handshake or note of appreciation.

On behalf of all of us with Jeffco Public Schools, we appreciate your ongoing support of all of our community’s schools. Happy Public Schools Week!
Kind regards,
Dr. Jason Glass
Superintendent & Chief Learner

Jeffco students, parents, families, staff, and community members
may engage with Dr. Glass via Twitter and his blog, advancejeffco .
If you are like me, the month of February is a time of deep reflection and gratitude for the many achievements by African Americans in U.S history. Since 1976, every American president has designated February as Black History Month and endorsed a specific theme. The Black History Month 2020 theme, “African Americans and the Vote,” is in honor of the centennial anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment (1920) granting women’s suffrage and the sesquicentennial of the Fifteenth Amendment (1870) giving black men the right to vote. 

As I reflect, I can remember entering the halls of elementary, middle, and high school not being able to relate to my instructors. My parents always told me that I would never want to be an educator for two reasons: there are not many educators that look like me, and that they don’t make a livable wage. Boy, were they right. I wanted to change that statistic and I wanted to change that statistic fast. In 2012, I drove my Chevy Malibu to Clemson University and began my Master’s Degree in Middle Level Education under the nationally acclaimed Call Me MISTER® program

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are around 3.1 million public school teachers in the United States.  People of color make up about 20 percent of teachers; 2 percent (60,000) are black men. Meanwhile, black students make up 16 percent of public school students, numbering about 7.7 million. It's clear that there’s a gap that needs to be addressed.

Here within Jeffco Public Schools, we have more than 84,000 students. Black students make up less than 2% of the total enrollment and Hispanic students make up roughly 25% of the total enrollment. While these numbers do not seem grand as it relates to the total population, one must understand the importance of recruiting and retaining educators of color within the district. One of the implications of recruiting educators of color within Jeffco can be that white students, as well as teachers will become more likely to talk about bias and racism in their classrooms which ultimately will benefit all students and staff. . 

I am sure many of you are wondering what I have done to recruit educators of color to districts that I have worked in. What about what districts can do to recruit or retain educators of color? I will admit, this is no easy task and that this work will not be done overnight. There must be intentional planning around the way we build high-retention, supportive pathways into teaching. How about we start a “Grow Your Own” that will recruit teacher candidates from nontraditional populations? Shift hiring timelines that begin earlier. Research suggests that educators of color may be more likely to be available for hire earlier in the year. Include teachers of color in the hiring process and on district hiring committees.

Recruiting and retaining a diverse teacher workforce has always been a challenging task amongst our nation’s schools. While research has shown that this is key to improving the educational outcomes for all students, we know that this is particularly true for students who come from low-income and under-served populations. I am proud of the commitment made in Jeffco Public Schools to recruit and retain educators of color, and I’m glad at least in this one instance, I didn’t heed my parents’ advice.
Jeremy Eddie EdS is an Assistant Principal at Warren Tech and can be reached at jeremy.eddie@jeffco.k12.co.us or follow him on Twitter @educator4equity

During the month of February, Jeffco Public Schools classrooms have been engaging in digital citizenship learning related to relationships and communication. Classroom discussions explore how to build positive relationships, avoid risky online talk, and why some topics and conversations are not suited for digital platforms.

Students also gain an understanding of how to communicate effectively online, including on social media platforms, by using both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.


Jefferson County  data shows that many teens don’t have an adult to turn to when they need to talk. Be that adult for a teen in your life! 

This month: Dating
Visit  twelvetalks.com for key facts, local data, resources, and conversation starters about teen dating lingo, relationship safety, and what makes a healthy, respectful relationship.

The best way to show your teen you care? Be there.

Coloradoans who are currently 17-years-old are eligible to vote in the March 3 Presidential Primary as long as they will be 18 before or on November 3.

Register to vote: 
• Online at GoVoteColorado.gov
• In person at the County Clerk's office, the DMV, or a polling center
• Through a voter registration drive

For more information, visit votejeffco.com

Now in its third year, the Jeffco Innovation Acceleration Fund offers an incentive for staff and students to apply for funding that invests in innovative ideas to improve the learning experiences of and outcomes for students.

This year, staff and students from 26 schools were awarded financial backing for projects like new playgrounds, innovative library space, mental health support, outdoor classrooms, makerspaces, robotics programs, a STEM hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle, virtual reality and coding projects, and more!

Read about the 26 winners and their exciting project ideas.

Jeffco Public Schools would like to remind you that you can directly support your school, or a program at your school, with our online donation platform. 
  • Donate directly to a specific school and designate which program you wish to support
  • Donate to one of the 501(c)3 foundations that support Jeffco Public Schools
  • Donate to a booster club, PTA/O, or other groups that support a specific school program
If you don't find your school or program listed on our donation platform, please reach out directly to your school. 
And on behalf of all students, staff, and families in Jeffco Public Schools - we thank you for your support.


This January, the entire Jeffco Public Schools district took part in The Action Center's Grub Club food drive. Each articulation area was assigned one specific food item to collect, and a collection total to aim for. The Ed Center district offices were assigned bars - granola, breakfast, protein (anything goes!) - and a target of 4,000 bars.

Within two weeks, the Ed Center had passed that count, and ultimately ended up collecting 11,141 bars for The Action Center's food bank! Way to go Jeffco!


Warren Tech Auto Custom and Collision student wins state Skills USA competition and places 7th in nationals.

Veteran Jeffco Public Schools physical educator known for creating 1,000+ smiles.

Standley Lake High School teacher honored as HRC Upstander.

Find a summer job opportunity in several different fields like outdoor landscaping, aircraft maintenance and manufacturing, construction, family activities, sustainability, and summer recreation.

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March 23 - March 27 - Spring Break
A 1000+ Smiles

Veteran physical education teacher Bryan Wickoren dedicates his life to working with differently-abled students.

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Letter of Intent Signing Day at Dakota Ridge High School

This video essay highlights the student athletes who took part in Letter of Intent signings at Dakota Ridge High School.

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