Dear Jeffco Families & Community,

As October is Principal Appreciation Month, it seems appropriate for me to write a few words acknowledging the professionalism, dedication, and the care with which Jeffco’s principals serve our kids, families, and community.

Being a principal is both a challenging and rewarding job for education professionals. It requires being an instructional leader, providing compassion and support, and some serious problem solving!

The term “principal” originally came from the title “principal teacher,” as in, a teacher in a building who was also designated to serve as a leader for the school. Today, the best principals keep these connections to teaching and learning strong by maintaining a focus on instruction and by supporting teachers in making learning meaningful and challenging for students.

Principals are also there for students, staff, and parents who need help. Through listening with empathy and taking actions demonstrating meaningful support, principals provide trusted counsel and a resource for the school community.

Building principals are also called upon to solve all sorts of other community concerns. Staffing the building, managing the budget, setting up the school schedule, ordering materials, and creating opportunities for meaningful professional learning - all of these are examples of challenges principals juggle on a daily basis.

Beyond being a professional superhero, principals also make extraordinary personal sacrifices for their communities. My dad was a high school assistant principal, in addition to teaching science classes and coaching numerous sports. There is no doubt dad loved our family, but there were many nights when he was away at school or I knew that the challenges of the day and the job weighed heavily on him. 

I urge you to take the time to express to your principal how much you appreciate what they do for your school and family. One of Jeffco’s great strengths is in its professionals and their deep commitment to this community. Let our principals know you appreciate them!