Dear Jeffco Families & Community,

With the release of the Jeffco Generations Vision in 2017, we have worked hard to make Jeffco Public Schools an innovative school district. Symbolically, this involved the introduction of a new organizational value, an “entrepreneurial spirit,” which calls on us to take calculated risks, adapt, and boldly embrace our changing world. 

A tangible example of this value in action is the Jeffco Innovation Acceleration Fund. Annually, the district makes available a total of $1 million for new ideas that are aligned to our strategic plan. In the past, any staff member has been eligible to bring their idea forward to apply for Innovation funding. This year, students (with the support of a sponsoring staff member) are also eligible to develop their ideas and apply for funding. 

Ideas must meet three key touchstones for funding. First, they must align to some aspect of the district’s strategic plan. Second, they must positively and authentically impact student learning experiences. Finally, applicants have to show how they will make their idea sustainable as Innovation funding is for a maximum of three years. 

Ideas are sorted into different articulation areas and by size (big ideas are over $50k, medium ideas are $5k to $50k, and small ideas are under $5k).