From Jessamine County Fiscal Court: Jessamine Matters Fall/Winter| 2017
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"Am I a descendant of an American Revolutionary War soldier?"
"Who owned my farm 100 years ago?" "What does my grandparents' will say?"
Find out how to get answers to these questions--as well as tips for finding information on Jessamine County's departments, events and more--in this issue of Jessamine Matters!
“A fair, caring, and helping person, and a person with a great deal of common sense that he applied to his work for the people of Jessamine County.” Burch Hager, the Jessamine County magistrate who passed away in March, was all of the above—and much more, according to Judge/Executive David West, and many others who knew him well.

Visit the Jessamine County website (, and you'll be amazed at two things:
#1. How hard your tax dollars work for you, and #2. Just how much info you can access through the county's website!

Everyone knows what to do when there is an emergency: call 9-1-1. But do you know what to do before an emergency--in order to help 9-1-1 help you?

From First Vineyard to High Bridge Pavilion and the Keene Community Center on Keene-Troy Road near the Jessamine/Woodford County line, Jessamine County is filled with tourism destinations that are also unique event venues.

You'll want to know all of the facts regarding payment of your property taxes--including this list of relevant dates shared by Jessamine County Sheriff Kevin Corman:

Are you a planner? We've worked up a list of yearly event, just for you! From the upcoming Veterans Day Parade in Wilmore and the St. "Nich" Fest in Wilmore to the Kentucky Wine & Vine Fest--and more--you'll find plenty of "can't miss" events, so...

Have you heard the news? Jessamine County's Keene Trace Golf Club will host the first Barbasol Championship in Kentucky July 16-22, 2018!

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