December 11, 2011 
Welcome to weekly update!

With this edition I'm relaunching my weekly newsletter! Many old friends have missed it, and many new friends haven't seen it. Welcome to all!

The focal point of my previous newsletters was my World Net Daily column. But I left WND several months ago, because I only had enough time in the day to write at my blog. Fortunately, I now enjoy cross posting-at NewsBusters and Smart Girl Politics, which means my blog posts can get a lot more traction

So my newsletter now will feature a round-up of the last seven days' top blog posts. Look for it every weekend, and thanks again for your support!
HHS's surprise Plan B decision

On December 7 came the surprising news that pro-abortion HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had overruled the FDA and blocked over-the-counter sales of the morning-after pill (and abortifacient) Plan B to minors and children.
Most on both sides of the abortion debate were too jaded to believe Sebelius did it for the reason she stated, although pro-lifers were certainly pleased.

Read the seven theories being banged around for her real motivation.

Pro-abortion/pro-infanticide President Barack Obama coming out in support of Sebelius' decision was also welcome but his reasoning certainly was at odds with his stance on abortion, particularly in regard to minors.
Punk rock death concert for abortion fund  

Yes, the image on the right is from an actual flyer advertising a benefit punk rock concert held this week for New York Abortion Fund.

It gets worse. Wait until you read the names of the bands.

See all at link.

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HHS's surprise Plan B decision
Punk rock death concert for abortion fund
The abolitionist history of "O Holy Night"
Ted Turner defunds pro-abortion website
Planned Parenthood's worst nightmare
Jill's Upcoming Events
The abolitionist history of "O Holy Night"   

Did you know?

There is a fascinating abolitionist history behind some of our most beloved Christmas hymns.

Pro-lifers identify closely with those 150 years ago who fought to free another oppressed class of people.

In honor of the season, each Sunday this month I'll be featuring the surprising anti-slavery history behind a Christmas classic.

Spotlighted this week is,
"O Holy Night."

Have you ever read the third verse?


Ted Turner defunds pro-abortion website

For years Ted Turner through his United Nations Foundation subsidized a well known pro-abortion website.

But no more!

As of January 1, this website will join the ranks of the unendowed and have to make it own its own, just like the rest of us ideologues without a sugar daddy.

Read about this website here.
Planned Parenthood's worst nightmare: Seven formers employees offer to testify

Read the letter seven former Planned Parenthood employees wrote to the chairman of the House committee investigating the abortion giant.

They know where the bodies are buried.

At the same link also read Abby Johnson's shot across the bow to her ex-bosses.
Jill's Upcoming Events


I'd love to meet you!


January 14 - Christ the King Pro-Life Action Committee ecumenical pro-life conference, Ann Arbor, Michigan; 734-276-0521 or 734-474-3209 or  


January 16 - Family Foundation Citizen Day at the Capitol; Richmond, Virginia; 804-343-0010 or  


January 21 - Vermont Right to Life Committee annual Rally for Life;  Montpelier, Vermont; 802-229-4885 or  


January 22 - Students for Life of America National Conference; Washington, D.C.; register here ( is sponsoring a booth, which I'll be helping staff)


January 23 - ProLifeCon sponsored by Family Research Council; Washington, D.C.; registration not yet available (I'll be emceeing)




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