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Welcome to my April/May Newsletter.
Burijji:  Japanese Garden I.

If you've ever been to the Chicago Botanic Gardens you know that it's a very incredible and inspiring place.  It has become a very important part of my monthly and sometimes, weekly routine.  In a sense, like composing music, it has become therapy for me -- for my ears, for my tinnitus and hyperacusis.  Having a place to really escape the noise and chaos of the city of Chicago has become very important.  

This is a demo of a piano piece that will be on the next album, but I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you.  The next album is going to feature fifteen pieces including a Suite of six pieces inspired by my favorite Chicago Botanic gardens.


Burijji, which means bridge, is inspired by the first Japanese island:
Burijji:  Japanese Garden I. (demo)
Burijji: Japanese Garden I. [demo]

In other related news, I just met with the president of the Chicago Botanic Gardens and there are some very exciting things in the works.  So, stay tuned!

Tinnitus Inspires Poetry

Tinnitus poem - written by my Cousin, featured in Sixth Finch

My cousin
, a brilliant poet with a poetry book in the works, just got another one of her poems published.  And the coolest part of this is that my tinnitus inspired her to write it.  Click above to check it out!
Featured at O'Hare International Airport
'Relax Your Ears' featured at O'Hare International Airport

I recently found out that my album is being featured in the terminals at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.  Pretty cool!  My album was one of twenty picked by the Chicago Music Commission to be featured in the Airport Music Program.  (I also just found out that it's also being played in the restrooms. Ha!)

Click above to check out the other 19 Chicago artists who won or click here to see what's playing at Chicago O'Hare right at this moment! 

Thank you for your interest and support.  I look forward to hearing from you and sharing more with you next month.



Joel Styzens

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