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How Mobile Workforces are Changing the Office Environment

How Can Daylighting Impact Your Workforce?

John W. Baumgarten - Architect with Margalit Lankry Designs

April 2017

This issue's two interrelated articles talk about planning and re-planning your back office space.  You can plan and construct your office space cost effectively but the real pay-back is in tying your planning to your staffing levels and operational goals. 
At The Office: Office Design Principals


We all spend a good part of our adult lives "at the office".  It's where we are called upon to be inspired, creative and innovative in our chosen fields of endeavor.  Yet quite often, the office environments we work in are not very inspiring.


Of course, the way the space is planned is as important as how it is finished.  Open modular furniture areas feel truly open when they are placed next to window walls instead of being "blocked-off" from daylight by banks of offices.    We often place offices "in-board" of the open work areas with interior windows allowing "borrowed light" to filter in from the workstation zone.


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Cost Effective Renovation Approaches 


When the economy trends downward, our clients have to scramble to adjust and adapt.  Organizations are squeezed from all sides as state governments threaten inevitable funding cuts, sources of private sector funding dry up and market share shrinks, all while operational costs continue to rise.


These forces lead to program closings, consolidations and the tabling of new planning initiatives.  As our clients' strategic planning partner, we have been challenged with helping to manage the related physical plant changes in innovative and cost effective ways.


History has shown that disciplined companies who focus on their core strengths can actually gain market share in "down periods" as their less disciplined competitors lose traction.      By contracting intelligently in non-revenue generating areas, opportunities can be created to cost effectively increase revenue generating programs. For example, consolidating or shifting office areas into less "valuable" space (such as a basement) can allow for a company to expand its "billable square footage".


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We hope you enjoy this month's issue. Do you have questions or feedback about the information provided or regarding your physical plant that we can answer?  Contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need.  We want to continue to offer content that interests you, our readers. Please drop us a line and let us know what topics you might want to learn more about. As always, we love hearing from you.

John W. Baumgarten, RA, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Principal & President
Michael A. Sciara, RA, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Principal & Vice President