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November 2016

This month we are focusing on your building's exterior envelope. Its the first impression your customers get of your facility and its a key component of your overall monthly energy costs. So we will discuss how to tighten your building's exterior and while improving its curb appeal! We hope you enjoy these discussions.     
Is Your Building Comfortable in Its Skin? 
Pratt Rehab
Many of our client's buildings are faced with the problem of aging exterior wall systems that are allowing moisture to "leak-in" and energy dollars to "leak-out".
By undertaking a facade upgrade, facilities not only improve their infrastructure and energy efficiency, they also improve their curb appeal.      
The majority of health facilities built in the last 30 years have masonry facades consisting of brick exterior and concrete block back-up walls. Since many of these buildings were built prior to the advent of today's more stringent energy codes, their exterior walls have minimum insulation and have "low-tech" windows with high air infiltration rates and low solar reflectance rates.
Older brick facades tend to have similar problems mostly caused by moisture penetration from failed flashing and caulking joints.

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Do You Do Windows?
A large scale window replacement is a significant undertaking for a health care facility. A multitude of factors must be considered including: cost, logistics, code compliance, window style, type of operation, glazing and frame material.
A major cost component of any window replacement project is logistics. On multi-story replacements, it may be necessary to construct scaffolding to physically "get to the windows" along with sidewalk bridges and similar structures to proCommunity Facility Website Imagetect pedestrians below. A facility can take added advantage of this scaffolding to undertake an "up-close", detailed visual inspection of its facade. Such inspections can identify areas that require, pointing, caulking, flashing or even structural repairs. Very often it is such "collateral" problems that prove to be a major reason why the windows need to be replaced.
We always try to help our clients improve their buildings by sharing our experiences. Let us assist you with your new initiatives.

John W. Baumgarten, RA, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Principal & President

Michael A. Sciara, RA, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP
Principal & Vice President

CNR Exterior EntryLet John W. Baumgarten help you with your roof replacements, facade renovations, window upgrades, parking lot alterations, ADA modernizations and restroom refurbishments. In renovation work, experience makes all the difference. We have a proven track record of bringing projects in on-time an on budget.