Four of Just Haiti's coffee bean grower associations are located in the southwest peninsula, which took a direct hit from Hurricane Matthew.  By now, most of you have witnessed the unimaginable devastation in this area.

Association of Producers of Coffee in Carcasse (APCC) joined Just Haiti in 2011, becoming the second association to market their coffee through Just Haiti. APCC is located in and around the towns of Carcasse and Capafou in the far southwestern point of the Grand Anse Department.
Report from Carasse Region.

Pere Verdieu walked from Carcasse to Jeremie (3.5 hours by truck) to deliver to us this report.   
  • 90% of houses in Carcasse destroyed.
  • The Church is completely destroyed.
  • Second floor of the school is destroyed.
  •  Rectory flooded, roof water tank gone, and only one solar panel remaining.
  •  500 people sheltering in the rectory and new government clinic.
  •  200 people sheltering in the first floor of the school.
  • The road is washed out and all trees are gone.
  • There is no water or food.
This is a very bleak assessment for our brothers and sisters in Carcasse.
What can you do?

One way is to make a donation directly to Just Haiti. 100% of your donations made from this date on will be earmarked for direct relief post Hurricane Matthew. We do not keep any of the money for administrative costs. As the damage is assessed, the grower associations will work within their communities to organize reforestation, replanting of crops, and other projects to help the Haitians get back on their feet. We will respond to the rebuilding priorities of the communities, focusing on replanting and restoring their livelihoods.
We thank you again for your prayers, your concerns, and your support. Cherish life and all that it offers. None of it is is all gift.
Kim, Pascal, Michele, Bernard, Dave, Kathy, Angela, Pierre & Steve
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