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Grigor Palikarov PR 1   
Grigor Palikarov


Maestro Grigor Palikarov was just awarded the "Crystal Lyre" in the Conductor category. He was recognized with this award among many of his accomplished peers. This is the most prestigious award given out by the Union of Bulgarian Musicians and Dancers (UBMD). The UBMD was founded in 1901 and is one of the first professional unions in the country. More at: 


Grigor Palikarov was born in 1971, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He made his debut at the age of 22 as an opera conductor in April of 1994, with Verdi's "Rigoletto" at two major opera houses in Bulgaria.


Since January 2001, Mr. Palikarov works as a full-time conductor at the National Opera and Ballet-Sofia, conducting a rich variety of repertoire which includes more than fifty opera and ballet titles from classical and contemporary composers.


Since the beginning of the 2005/06 season, Mr. Palikarov has also taken the position of General Artistic Manager and Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra-Pazardzhik. In September 2008, he became the Principal Conductor of "Classic FM" Symphony Orchestra-Sofia.


In the following years, he has been performing alongside many famous soloists, including members of the Vienna Philharmonic: Albena Danailova (Concertmaster), Wolfgang Schulz, Franz Bartolomey, Dieter Flury, Robert Nagy, Svetlin Roussev (Concertmaster of the French National Radio Orchestra), Glenn Dicterow (Concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic), and others.


Mr. Palikarov is often invited as a guest conductor of many orchestras, opera theatres, and national and international music festivals in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA, Japan, etc. His debut in the USA has been described by the American critics as "one of the most important musical events for year 2009." Grigor Palikarov also makes regular recordings of orchestral pieces, opera arias, and ensembles as a guest conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio. Some of his recordings can be found on CDs and DVDs produced by different companies. More at: 


Grigor Palikarov, Lira  

Maestro Palikarov with the "Crystal Lyre"


Selected Events November/December, 2012

November 16, 2012

National Academy Symphony Orchestra

November 21, 2012

Opera & Philharmonic Society, Rousse, Bulgaria

November 23, 2012

Opera & Philharmonic Society, Rousse, Bulgaria

November 25, 2012

Sofia Opera and Ballet, Sofia, Bulgaria


November 27, 2012
44th Festival of the Opera and Ballet Arts, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria 

December 07, 2012

Opera & Philharmonic Society, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

December 12, 2012

Sofia Philharmonic, Sofia, Bulgaria

December 14, 2012 

Opera & Philharmonic Society, Varna, Bulgaria 


For more info please visit Grigor Palikarov at:    


Stankov Ensemble
Stankov Ensemble with the composer
Martin Georgiev (far left)

The members of Stankov Ensemble have been busy organizing their 2nd London Festival of Bulgarian Culture. Over twenty concerts and events were presented in 30 days in major halls in central London, featuring eleven symphony and chamber music concerts, with over 300 performers participating such as Varna Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, Chilingirian Quartet, and the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio. The festival has drawn an audience of over seven thousand, and has been featured in all major television channels in Bulgaria, as well as in several well-established Bulgarian and UK newspapers and music magazines.




Duma Newspaper, Sofia, BULGARIA
25, 2012


"Stankov Ensemble from Great Britain offered Bulgarian music lovers an exceptional musical journey."


"Every new edition of the Festival for American and Bulgarian music continues to convince us how important it is to get to know each other by "listening" to each other."


"... Another exceptional musical journey was offered by Stankov Ensemble from Great Britain."


"... In fact this ensemble of Bulgarian musicians - Ivo Stankov - violin, Vanya Stankova - soprano, and Lachezar Stankov - piano, who live and work in London, is an established team, which in the last few years has introduced us not only to unusually intriguing programmes, but also to the quality of the Bulgarian musicians, who have been competing successfully on the difficult competitive market in the world in the last few years."


"... The ensemble has proven their skills in building up the dramaturgy in their programme, which captures the attention and holds it all the way to the end, suggesting the ideas as if in one breath. Succinctly, with no excess. And so on. From the Bulgarian song-writer, the jubilee, through another jubilee - John Adams, the Armenian - Alan Hovhaness, John Williams and Martin Georgiev. A journey through different ages, different styles, different signatures, felt and interpreted by Vanya Stankova, Ivo Stankov and Lachezar Stankov. A musical family, which not only works as an ensemble, but every one of whom has reached the high interpretative state, and level. I call it a state, because in chamber music the pulse of every participant must be the pulse of a whole body. And this happens somewhat naturally in this family ensemble."       


"Ivo Stankov is not only a virtuoso violinist, as he is defined by critique, but also a musician with a heart. He has the skill to weave the thread of emotion in every work, so that he may reach the hearts of the audience. A thing so important in our time of technical virtuosity. Vanya, his wife, strengthens the impression, as in previous concerts, of a sensitive musician with a beautiful, warm and inspired voice combined with the ability to interpret contrasting styles. Lachezar Stankov, the pianist, is also an organic breath in the ensemble, and exhibits the same characteristics."


"... Stankov is clearly able to get under the skin of such different composers and give their works a real life."


Original text of the review in Bulgarian:   



Selected Events November/December, 2012


November 3, 2012
2nd London Festival of Bulgarian Culture
Cadogan Hall, London
Varna Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra
Vania Vatralova-Stankov, soprano


November 6, 2012   

2nd London Festival of Bulgarian Culture
King's Place, London
Chilingirian Quartet  

with Ivo Stankov, violin and Lachezar Stankov, piano


November 25, 2012
2nd London Festival of Bulgarian Culture
St John's Smith Square, London
Arcadia Mundi Symphony Orchestra

Ivo Stankov, violin



Please visit  

for more information.





Classic FM Radio Orchestra, Grigor Palikarov, Conductor, Amir Katz, piano,  Bulgaria Hall, European Music Festival, Sofia, BULGARIA, (Part 1)

Classic FM Radio Orchestra
Grigor Palikarov, Conductor

Brahms Piano concerto Nr. 2 in B flat major
Amir Katz, Piano

Bulgaria Hall, European Music Festival
Sofia, BULGARIA, (Part 1)


Dear Friends and Colleagues! Kalin Ivanov, Art. Dir.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This holiday marked the beginning of the long holiday season at the end of the calendar year. BVAI is sending you our very best wishes for the upcoming holidays.  In this issue, we offer more exciting news about our artists and updates on their achievements and plans for the last two months of this year!  We are very thankful for your continuous support as readers and for making contributions to the newsletter. 

Happy readings!
Kalin Ivanov, Artistic Director
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Svilen Simeonov
Svilen Simeonov Conductor  

On November 26, 2012, Orchestra Sofia Sinfonietta is going to celebrate its 40th anniversary with a concert at Bulgaria Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria. On the eve of the jubilee, a correspondent of the online newspaper "Music of Russia" had a conversation with its chief conductor Svilen Simeonov.

Svilen Simeonov: "... when two of my arms were broken, I conducted the orchestra with right forefinger, looking into the eyes of musicians... There was no opportunity to turn the pages of the score, so I conducted it by heart, often with a grimace caused by physical pain in my hands, but music was none worse for it, on the contrary..."


Read the whole interview:



November/December, 2012


November 9, 2012

Art Gallery of New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia Sinfonietta 


November 26, 2012

Bulgaria Hall, Sofia Bulgaria

 Sofia Sinfonietta 


December 12, 2012

National Music School Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

 Sofia Sinfonietta 


December 18, 2012
National Palace of Culture, Hall 1, Sofia Bulgaria

Sofia Sinfonietta


Dececember 21, 2012
Nish Symphony Orchestra, Nish, Serbia  



December 22, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 2012

Palau de la Musika, Barcelona, Spain

Strauss Festival Orchestra and Balet


Tamara Poddubnaya

Tamara Poddubnaya is keeping a very exciting schedule while balancing between performances, teaching master classes as well as regular teaching lessons, and judging International competitions world-wide! Her students had won many awards at numerous international competitions. The most recent example is her student Veselin Ninov from Bulgaria who won the Audience prize at the Chopin International Competition, Cape Vincent, NY and the Grand Prix at the Third Kenneth Darrell Competition in Nashua, NH, USA. Recently, Tamara was a judge at the Orchestra competition of Nassau County, New York.       


Selected Events November/December, 2012

November 28, 29, 30, 2012 Recitals at Gould Academy, Bethel, Maine, USA.


December 3, 2012

Mutual Master class with Italian pianist Aldo Ragone at Long Island Conservatory, New York, USA 


December 20-27, 2012

Recital and Master Classes at Rostov-on-Don, Russia  


December 28, 2012

Recital in Moscow, Russia



Recitals of Tamara's students at Long Island Conservatory, New York, USA


Please visit for more information. 

Sarkis Baltaian PR 1
Sarkis Baltaian
Sarkis Baltaian is enjoying fatherhood while keeping a very busy teaching schedule which he likes to balance with performances.   

Selected Events
November/December, 2012


November 18, 2012  
Master Class at HAMMERED!
The High School Honors Piano Performance Seminar   
of the Thousand Oaks Symphony   
Thousand Oaks, CA  
December 1, 2012 
Master Class at the Colburn Honors Forum  
The Colburn School  
Los Angeles, CA 


Please visit for more information.       




Kalin Ivanov
Kalin Ivanov 11.26.2012
Kalin Ivanov performing the world premiere of Eric Koenig's cello concertino in New York


Kalin Ivanov had a very successful east cost recital tour last month with the pianist Tamara Poddubnaya.  


The recent world premiere of the cello concertino by Eric Koenig was very well received by the audience and will lead to a commercial recording for the Contemporary Record Society label. In February 2013, the concertino will be recorded along with one more performance at Merkin Hall in New York with the New York Chamber Players Orchestra and Giacomo Franci conducting. The composer of the concertino dedicated the piece to Kalin Ivanov, and is planing on writing a new concerto for Mr. Ivanov in the near future. After the premiere, Mr. Koenig remarked: "I loved your performance and could not have asked for a better soloist to introduce this work to live audiences and recordings. We can call it the definitive performance from which I would advise all other cellists to take their cues from in performing this Concertino."  

Last week, Mr. Ivanov gave a cello and chamber music Master Class at Brooklyn College, CUNY, and performed at St. James St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in New York. During the last two weeks Kalin Ivanov gave two interviews for two different programs - Allegro Vivace and Metronome programs at the Bulgarian National Radio, and the program featured music from his CDs. The most recent interview of Kalin Ivanov will be on air later this month on the program Metronome of the Bulgarian National Radio. Part of the live recording of the cello concertino world premiere will be broadcasted at the time.  


Please visit for more information.


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