Body, Mind & Spirit hypnosis seminars
Since January, I've been participating
in an Artist's Way group. We have read
the book,The Artist's Way, and follow
along with weekly tasks and lessons
to unleash our creativity.

One of our tasks is to notice synchronicity
as it plays out in our lives. In my last
newsletter, I reported that, after I had
scheduled my July pain management
seminar, I received notice about a 7-day
pain summit, which I shared with
you here.

It happened again with my August EFT
seminar. After I scheduled it, I learned
of a 24-hour Emotional Freedom
Techniques summit last week. Thirty
presenters did EFT for 30 different
topics. Yes, EFT can cover a wide
array of circumstances. HERE is
a replay of Carol Look's talk:
The Vibration of Abundance

Even if you have yet to learn EFT's
self-administered tapping technique,
you will gain benefit from watching.

Carol is brilliant. I have studied with
her several times throughout the
past 20+ years.

Continuing on with a monthly seminar

August Seminars

BODY SEMINAR: Intro to EFT or Tapping
Relief is at your fingertips
Date: Tue Aug 2
7-8pm EDT

MIND SEMINAR: Guided Hypnosis for Golfers
Use your mind to play like the pros.
Date: Tue Aug 23
7-8:30pm EDT

SPIRIT SEMINAR: Near Death Experiences
Join in conversation with other
Date: Tue Aug 30
7-8pm EDT
sliding scale: $7 / $17 / $27

See all seminar descriptions and
additional registration information HERE .

Registration & Payment
Preregister and click 'SEND' through
Paypal HERE. Indicate you are
registering for either the EFT, Golf,
or NDE seminar.

Your seminar link(s) and materials
will be emailed to you. These recorded
seminars take place on Zoom and
replays are provided if you are unable
to attend.

Contact Kathryn: 781-340-2146 
What About Combining EFT
and Golf?
Certainly one can utilize EFT Tapping
for improving all aspects of their golf
game. (Personally, I think that EFT, along with hypnosis, can be a golfer's secret weapon.)

HERE you can read about a golfer who
had trouble putting. The practitioner
helped him to uncover the deeper emotional aspects that led to the
physical challenge. Once they were
addressed, his game improved.
Have You Had An NDE?

If you have had a Near Death
Experience, I invite you to join
in conversation on Aug 30 with
other NDEers. It's a rather
unique 'club' to be a member
Monthly MP3 Sale

All MP3 titles in the Metaphysical
category are on sale until
August 31 for $10.

See details HERE .

Upcoming Seminars

Sep 13: Moving Up the Emotional
Guidance Scale
Sep 20: Awesome Memory
Sep 27: Past Life Regression

See more seminar details HERE .

For safety purposes, all
private and group sessions
are now held on Zoom. I am
finding it's very convenient
for clients - no hassles with
traffic and folks have the
ability to stay chilled out
at home after their session

Call today to schedule your
appointment: 781-340-2146

To Your Very Good Health -


Golf is a game whose aim is to
get a very small ball into an even
smaller hole with weapons singularly
ill-designed for the purpose. 
~ Winston Churchil, politician

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