Hypnosis for Improved Sleep
Sleep Well Again with Hypnosis
My mother loved art. This painting by
Rousseau, of a sleeping woman in the
desert, hung on her wall. The stillness
of it always intrigued me.
Even thought there is potential danger,
the woman is sleeping deeply, unlike
many people these days who are
experiencing disrupted sleeping
patterns from the perceived dangers
of the pandemic and the many other
upheavals that are happening in
our world.

Are you aware that not getting
enough sleep can weaken the
immune system? And it can make
vaccines less effective, according
to the National Sleep Foundation. 
Poor sleep can also lead to poor
brain and heart health.

You can learn the benefits of using
self-hypnosis to help yourself develop
positive new patterns of sleep and
deep relaxation.
Imagine sleeping peacefully and
deeply, awakening rested, relaxed
and energized, feeling wonderful
every day.
Enjoy a relaxing group hypnosis

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Facilitated by:
Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist 
Date: Tues, July 20, 2021
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm EDT
Location: Online on Zoom
Tickets: $30.00
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The seminar will be recorded. If
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later listening.

Contact Kathryn: 781-340-2146
Two Energy Psychology
Techniques for Sleep
The body has subtle, intricate
energy systems that are
deeply connected to our
physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual health.

Energy moves in patterns.
When energy becomes 
blocked - which can be
as a result of stress - we
can experience a myriad
of health imbalances,
including disturbed sleep.

Here are two very simple
energy balancing exercises
that may be beneficial for
your sleep hygiene.

Next Time You Can't Sleep,
Try This: Cook's Hookup

If You Can’t Nap, Try This:

If you want to learn about
many more ways to balance
your body's energy system,
Donna Eden is the most
respected source.
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Private Sessions

For safety purposes, all
private and group sessions
are held on Zoom. I am
finding it's very convenient
for clients - no hassles with
traffic and folks have the
ability to just stay chilled
out at home after their
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To Your Very Good Health -


Coffee is a beverage that
puts one to sleep when
not drank.”
~ Alphonse Allais  

French writer, journalist
and humorist
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