Hypnosis for Improved Sleep
Sleep Well Again with Hypnosis
I have shared this picture before. It is
called 'Sleeping Gypsy' by Rousseau.

It fascinates me. I perceive several more
levels of meaning in it now than when
I posted it one year ago.

I love when an opportunity like this arises
and growth can be measured. Usually, our
changes happen organically and outside of
conscious awareness. This painting helped
me to compare and contrast several facets
of self-development which I have been
working on this past year and with which
I am quite pleased.

Where does this painting lead you?

On a lighter artistic note, last year I shared
a link where people had recreated famous
paintings during the lockdown. HERE is
another one. I especially enjoyed the humor
in #32 and #42,

Continuing on now with a monthly seminar

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Learn to focus your mind and retrain your brain
by changing patterns of thinking, reacting and
Date: Wed June15 from 7-8:30 pm ET

SPIRIT SEMINAR: Soul Entrainment
Connect to the essence of your Soul's wisdom.
Date: Tue June 21 from 7-8:30 pm ET

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Resources for Resilience

HERE are some simple calming
exercises, put together by the
Association for Comprehensive
Energy Psychology, to help you
in these trying times.

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