Developing Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Personal & Career Success
EQ for Personal & Career Success
Seminar date : Fri June 14, 2019
Time : 10am - 1pm
Today, being an effective person is about
inside-out development: growing your
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to help you
successfully interact, communicate and
collaborate with all types of people in
your work and personal life.
Attendees will: 
* Evaluate their personal levels of
self-awareness and self-management
with an EQ self-assessment test.
* Experience individual and group
guided exercises to develop several
aspects of EQ.
* Explore core values that foster
personal responsibility, improve
decision-making, and allow
mastery of self-regulation.
MassHire Metro North Career Ctr
186 Alewife Brook Parkway
Cambridge, MA 
Tickets : $70.00
Preregistration required. 
Contact Larry Elle: 
emai  l : C  
phone :  617.325.4521

For additional info, contact your facilitator:
Kathryn McGlynn
Certified Hypnotist
EQ Development Trainer

Read Kathryn's EQ interview HERE .

5 TED Talks That Will Boost
Your Emotional Intelligence
I love watching TED talks. They are usually 15 min or less where brilliant people share their insights about a myriad of topics.

This link brings you 5 different speakers. My favorite is the talk about reframing stress.

Daniel Goleman, who wrote the seminal book Emotional Intelligence 25 years ago, is also featured in a video.

Watch them HERE
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Behavior Modification category
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You Are Invited

My summer concert band is kicking off the summer outdoor concert series.

Our first concert is actually inside at Scituate High School on
June 14.

All are fr*e.e and many are by the ocean in Scituate and at Nantasket Beach. .

See the concert schedule HERE

To Your Very Good Health -

" It takes something more than
intelligence to act intelligently." 

~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Novelist, philosopher


As I was composing this newsletter, someone sent me a link to a very interesting article about the ancient Egyptian Sleep Temples - healing sanctuaries where trance hypnosis had its beginnings.

You can read it HERE

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