Healing the Past & the Future
Can your DNA be "programmed" for
behavioral change?

In 2013, scientists decided to find out.

They exposed mice to an alarming
stimuli, while releasing the smell of
cherry blossoms. Naturally, the mice
began to associate fear with the smell
of cherry blossoms.

Here's where it gets interesting.

Two generations later, the mice who
had NEVER been exposed to the
experiment STILL showed fear when
exposed to cherry blossoms.

Read about the study here.

In the field known as " epigenetic
i  nheritance", this is the idea that
the traits of previous generations
can be hardwired into your DNA.

It's possible that imprints inherited
from your ancestors' experiences
could be affecting your behaviors
Outdated beliefs such as fear, grief,
low self-esteem, and shame could 
be limiting your potential.

Generational Healing
Hypnosis Seminar

Enjoy an opportunity of past and future
healing for yourself and your family.

In this presentation, you will explore
your place in your lineage, as both
a descendant and an ancestor.

You will honor your forebears -
biological or adoptive - and forge
a link with future generations.

Using hypnosis, you'll first experience
a very powerful hypnotic ancestral
clearing procedure.

You'll then hypnotically experience
the opportunity to become a caretaker
for your descendants and coming

This journey of discovery and self-
empowerment will help you break
free from negative ancestral and
family patterns.

Date : Tuesday Oct 23, 2018
Time : 6:30 - 8:00pm

Event held at:
The Tam Center for Healing
15 Cottage Ave - 5th flr, Quincy, MA 

Tickets: $35.00
Early bird: $30.00 if payment is
received by Oct 19. 

Seating is limited.
Preregistration & prepayment required.

You may pay by check, payable to
Kathryn McGlynn, mailed to:
P.O. Box 432, So Weymouth, MA 02190.
Or payment is accepted through Paypal
here. (scroll to bottom of page):
For details, contact your facilitator: 
Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist 
Bi-Lateral Stimulation
For those of you who have learned about Bi-Lateral Stimulation in one
of my seminars or perhaps during private one-on-one sessions, here
is an expanded tutorial by one of
my mentors, Andy Austin.

If Bi-Lateral Stim is new to you,
I urge you to take a few minutes
to learn this incredibly simple - yet amazingly powerful - technique to help rewire unhelpful emotional states.

Watch Andy here.
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