Monthly Guided Meditation
Monthly Guided Meditation
This month's group topic:

When we forgive, we free ourselves
from reliving past events. We allow
ourselves to live in the present
moment, instead of in the past,
leading to healing and, often,
empathy for ourselves and

Meditation has been shown to
improve focus and concentration
and can help regulate stress.
Studies show that meditation has 
a variety of neurological benefits,
from changes in brain volume to
decreasing activity in the parts
of the brain involved with stress.

Being able to calm yourself in
stressful situations is priceless
when it comes to living a happier

Tonight, give yourself the gift of
relaxation and be guided to
release stressful thoughts and
beliefs. Create a new vision
for yourself.

No previous experience with
meditation is necessary.

Date : Tues Jan 14, 2020
Time : 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Tam Healing Center
300 Congress St, Ste 301
Quincy, MA 02169

Seating is limited.

Attendance is on a donation

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Noise Hurts,
Silence Heals

Science says silence
is vital for our brains.

Studies show that noise
causes stress hormones
to be released in the brain.

Two minute pauses of
silence are far more
relaxing for the brain
than listening to relaxing

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To really do nothing,
with perfection, is
as difficult as doing

~ Alan Watts
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