Yaaaay! Time for summer fun.

I am off to the mountains in moments.

My computer has been offline for a few days
and I haven't been able to send this newsletter.
Just figured out the problem. Whew!

So this'll be short & sweet.

Apologies for the late notice about Tues eve's seminar.
Daily Habits That Create
Happiness & Health
Date : Tues Aug 6 at 6:30 - 8-00 pm

Healthy food choices, pleasurable exercise, 
adequate sleep, and regular stress
management are the building blocks of
your happy and healthy life. 

Learn simple ways to enhance these
four components  on a daily basis. 

Enjoy a group hypnosis session
designed to support your self-care.
Event held at:
Holy Nativity Church
8 Nevin Rd, So Weymouth, MA 02190
Preregistration is required.
Contact your facilitator:
Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist
Paypal accepted here  

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Enjoy your lazy, hazy days of summer.

To Your Very Good Health -

Rest is not idleness, and to lie
sometimes on the grass under
trees on a summer's day, listening
to the murmur of the water, or
watching the clouds float across
the sky, is by no means a waste
of time.
~ John Lubbock,  The Use Of Life
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