Holiday Sale!
Buy one, get two free !
Years ago, I moved from the South Shore
out to Central Mass.

There was a local grocery chain there that
offered (what I considered to be) amazing

Their weekly flyers would periodically
advertise: Buy One, Get Two Free!

I was one of their best customers!

Wedged in-between the frenzy of
Black Friday and Cyber Monday is
S mall B usiness S aturday.

So, in the spirit of SBS, I am modelling
my annual Holiday Sale after the chain
where I loved to shop.

Purchase one hypnosis CD or MP3
audio title and get two more titles fr*e.e.

Mix and match CDs and MP3s, if you choose.

Perhaps you'll choose:
  • Hypnocomfort
  • Restrain A Migraine
  • Endorphin High

Maybe you'd prefer:
  • Relax, Sleep Soundly
  • Journey Into Comfort
  • Balance Your Blood Pressure

Or this might be of interest:
  • Past Life Regression
  • Life Before Life Regression
  • Awaken To Bliss

Take your pick ... and enjoy!

Please remember to include S&H charges,
if ordering CDs.

You may pay by check, payable to:
Kathryn McGlynn

Mail to:
P.O. Box 432. So Weymouth, MA 02190 

Or payment is accepted through
Paypal here (scroll to bottom of page).  

Questions? Call Kathryn McGlynn.

Sale runs Friday Nov 23 through Monday Nov 26.
Upcoming Seminars
Dec 4 ... - Past Life Regression
Dec 13 - Pain Management
Jan 4 ... - World Hypnotism Day
To Your Very Good Health -

" Only one shopping day left 'til tomorrow."
~Caroline Coxon , writer
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