Metaphysical Hypnosis
Life Before Life Regression
This seminar guides you to access
prenatal memories.

Enjoy a group hypnosis session
and explore the reasons why you
chose to be born to live now, as
a participant in the extraordinary
events we are witnessing
Discover answers to many of the
questions you may have about
your life, including your Life Purpose. 

Complimentary 'Life Before Life'
hypnosis mp3 .

Facilitated by:
Kathryn McGlyn
Certified Hypnotist.

Date : Tues May 25, 2021
Time: 7:00 - 8:30 pm Eastern Time
Tickets: $30.00
This is a 1.5 hour virtual seminar
on Zoom.
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for the Life Before Life seminar.
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After payment is processed,
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The seminar will be recorded.
If you are unable to attend,
you can still register and receive
the class recording, mp3 and
class materials. 

Why Choose Metaphysical Hypnosis?
What does Metaphysical mean?
Simply, it means 'that which is
beyond the physical'

'Going meta' means 'going up
one level'. I actually think of it
as going (at least) one level 
deeper into our essential nature.

Working with spiritually-based
hypnosis processes can lead
us on that path of inner discovery
and help us gain clarity,perspective,
and higher self-awareness. 

As Marilyn Gordon, one of my
hypnosis teachers, says, 'There’s
a shift in consciousness taking
place, fine-tuning you to a new
octave of thinking, feeling
and living.'

My deepest desire is to help my
clients create states of profound transformation that can lead to
that shift or evolution of consciousness.


One choice is Past Life Regression.
A PLR was my first metaphysical experience and it totally changed
the course of my life in 1977. I am
ever so grateful. You'll find out how
past experiences are affecting your
life now and, with that perspective,
make wiser choices.

You might choose Life Before Life Regression and discover your
Life Purpose - which is always
helpful to know. (Hint: that is an

You might choose Soul Entrainment
and learn how to communicate with
your Soul on a daily basis, again
allowing you wiser choices.

There are several other options,
also. One is an NLP-based process:
Core Transformation. CT is a beautiful,
purposeful process that creates
profound shifts into expanded awareness.

Let me help you. All metaphysical
sessions are 2 hours / $249.00
and include a hypnosis mp3.

Zoom Sessions Available

Schedule your private session
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To Your Very Good Health -


Quiet the mind and
the soul will speak.”

~ Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati
devotee of mystic,
Neem Karoli Baba
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