Smoke Gets In Your Eyes ?
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes? Hypnosis Seminar
Thursday June 6 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Hypnosis has been used for many years
to assist in the process of smoking
cessation and it is very effective. 

Discover why people have a difficult time
stopping smoking and how hypnosis can
help with both the mental and physical
aspects of the habit. Learn about techniques
that are available to manage cravings and
enjoy a very relaxing group hypnosis 
BONUS: Free hypnosis mp3 included.
Tam Center for Healing
15 Cottage Ave, Quincy  

Seating is limited. Prepayment and
preregistration are required.
Tickets: $50.00 
Early bird pricing: $40.00 if payment is
received by June 1.
BONUS : Bring a friend for the price
of one pack of cigs : $12.00
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Questions? Contact your facilitator:
Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist

How To Support Someone
Who Is Stopping Smoking
Tips from are HERE .
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Cigarettes  are  killers  
that  travel in packs .”

~ Author Unknown
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