World Tapping Summit
begins tonight

The 11th Annual World Tapping Summit
begins tonight, Mon Feb 25, 2019 at
8:00 PM EST.

Register now at no cost and learn how
to rewire your brain and reduce stress
as you tap on specific acupoints on your
head, torso and hands.

Throughout the 11 day free event, you'll
be tapping along with many wonderful,
world renowned speakers and healers,
such as Nick Ortner (the summit's founder),
Kris Carr, Dr Lissa Rankin, Louise Hay,
Dr Mark Hyman, Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton,
Cheryl Richardson, Joe Vitale, Dr Joseph
Mercola, Dr Christiane Northrup and many

This isn't just an informational event, tho.
It's an experience! You will gain more than
just ideas or theories on how to make your
life better. You'll leave actually feeling better!

I have been tapping since the late 90's on
a daily basis and teach seminars locally.
I find Tapping to be a fabulous self-help
tool that is easy to learn and easy to use
while creating powerful results.

Register for the series before it actually
begins at 8:00PM EST tonight and
discover some pre-event bonuses.

Because of my busy schedule, I am
sometimes unable to watch all the
episodes. I want to learn all I can from
these experts, so I have already
purchased the entire summit at the
pre-event discount price. It's a massive
discount! Sign up before 8 PM and
see for yourself.

Find all Summit info here

What is Tapping and
how does it work?

Nick Ortner explains here
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