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 January 2012
New Fishing Kayaks On the Market:
Hobie Mirage Revolution 11 offers a smaller, lighter version of the Revolution 13...
The new Malibu Kayaks Stealth 9 completes a lineup of pure fishing kayaks. Incorporated into each Stealth is...
Wilderness Systems recently announced and released the 2012 Ride 135, a redesign of the prior model that has shown to be much improved over the older...
ON SALE THROUGH 2/15/2012:

Great solution for keeping your battery dry and safe. Regular $89.75 - $76.46 

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Spring Is Around the Corner!


We hope everyone is enjoying the winter weather and is eager to get back into the swing (paddle of things). The time to get your kayak ready for the season is now!


We have put together a combo-kit for you to do just that.  There is nothing worse than a broken buckle when you try to tighten down that strap.  Check out our simple package of the most common items that need replacing on a fishing kayak at a great price:



  • Pop Rivets (20)
  • Eyelets/ Pad-eyes (10)
  • Lashing hooks (4)
  • Bungee (10')
  • Bungee Clip and Collar (2)
  • Bungee Terminal End (2)
  • Buckle Set 1" (1)
  • Buckle Set 1.5" (1)
  • Marine Goop (1) 

Package deal for $27.95.

Add a rivet gun for an additional $11.


Click here to get yours!


Over the years we have had many calls and e-mails on rigging and want to continue to help answer any questions you may have on any "do-it-yourself" questions.  We understand that if you have not seen how a rivet works first hand, it is difficult to know - how does it fit in the rivet gun, how a terminal is secured to the bungee. Many of these questions can be answered on our YouTube Channel - please check them out.  For more personal service, e-mail your questions to our Kayak Fishing Supplies certified tech CJ - CJ@kayakfishingsupplies.com




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Need Rigging Ideas?


Look for inspiration on Big Water's Edge in "Share Your Innovations" thread. Don't be shy - share your own!