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Kayak Fishing News & ReviewsJuly 2011
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Summer is here!  Water temp has warmed up and the anticipation of the big catch is in the air.  We here at Kayak Fishing Supplies have been very busy the past couple of months gearing up our inventory.  We would like to thank all of you for your continued thanks and enthusiasm for the sport of kayak fishing.




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Newsletter Special Offer: Danuu Kayak CoverDanuu Cover

Do many of you leave your kayak outside in the elements? The sun can cause damage and fading  issues on many parts on your kayak as well as the kayak itself.  That's why we feel it's important for all of you to take a look at getting a cover for your kayak.   There is not a better cover on the market than Danuu Covers. 

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Kayak Manufacturing 101 
By Brian Long


Kayak Manufacturing

Arguably (or maybe not) the most important factor when buying a kayak is the quality of its construction.  Knowing how it's made and what material it's made of should be instrumental in your purchasing decision.  Not only will this knowledge help you understand the sometimes large price differences between manufacturers, it will also give you a reasonable expectation of the product that you buy.  Whether this relates to durability, weight, or any number of qualities, it's important to know how your kayak was made.  more 


Featured Item: Crate-Pak


Crate-Pak is a hot item!  Turn that old milk crate into a well organized tackle station for your kayak!  It has everything you need, 3 rod holders, pockets everywhere, and even a place to hold a scotty or yak attack light.  3 colors to choose from orange, black and CJ's favorite Camo!  It's a great gift for yourself and your fishing buddy!
From Torgy's Tavern:


I'm looking forward to a great summer and hope to see many of you out on the water this year.   If you do not see a product or have an idea that you think we should know about please drop us a line and we will check it out.  Please follow us on facebook.  CJ will have some cool things going on this summer that you all will want to take advantage of!

Brent Torgeson

Thanks again for all the continued support!