August, 4th  2014
Kevens Korner
August 2014

The monsoon time is great for new plantings making it one of the most desirable times of year to transplant. The rain and increased humidity helps plants establish root systems with less stress than if planted earlier in the summer. 


If the monsoon rains have brought adequate moisture be sure to adjust the automatic watering timer. This will insure the roots are not over watered.  


Hose off dusty plants or try using my Dr. Kevens plant wash. This will reduce the chance of spider mite infestations and using my plant wash will make the plants sparkly clean and shiny. Here is the secret recipe; buy 1 hose end sprayer and set it to 1/2 ounce per gal. Pour 8 oz of liquid dish soap ( non scented), 8 oz of  Antiseptic mouthwash and 2 cups of water. Hook up the hose and spray off the entire plants inside and out. It's best to do this in the evening or early morning avoiding the scorching sun. 


The same plant wash can be used to get rid of the white cotton looking bugs on your prickly pear cactus. This is called Cochineal. A quick google search will reveal the many uses for this insect from fabric to food dyes. YES food dyes " all natural" yuck!!


Use Boiling hot water or Roundup to spot kill any remaining weeds. 



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