March 29, 2024 / Adar II 19, 5784

Shabbat Begins 7:22 p.m.  Shabbat Ends: 8:30 p.m.  


It's truly a heartwarming and special occasion when our alumni return to King David to share their wisdom and experiences with our current students. This week, a group of former students took time out of their busy days, to participate in an alumni panel for our Grade 11 and 12 classes. These exceptional graduates, now excelling in their post-secondary endeavours, eagerly shared invaluable insights and lessons they've learned along their journeys, to guide and inspire the students following in their footsteps.

Among the alumni were Hanah Rozen-Delman, Class of 2019, Giovanna Markman, Class of 2019, Adi Gortler, Class of 2022, Noah McNamara, Class of 2019, Josh Weidman, Class of 2015, and Marcos Mogyoros, Class of 2008. Each highlighted how their paths had evolved, leading them to fulfilling destinations they may not have initially anticipated. Hanah's passion for education, Giovanna's pursuit of a medical career, Noah's aspirations for Law school, Adi's creative journey in film at Emily Carr, and Josh and Marcos thriving careers in Real Estate development showcased the diverse paths our alumni have taken.

Following their inspiring stories, students engaged with the panel, asking insightful questions tailored to each member's field of study and seeking advice on navigating campus life since October 7. This interaction provided a unique opportunity for our younger students to glean firsthand knowledge and lesson from those who have already walked the path they are about to begin.

The students were captivated throughout the session, leaving with renewed motivation and a better sense of readiness for their own futures, thanks to the invaluable wisdom generously shared by our accomplished alumni. Todah Rabah!


Kai Galazka, Max Howitt, Noah Ankenman, and Brody Tolensky enjoyed a round of golf this week.


In the Grade 8 Design Thinking class, students were tasked with designing structures to support as much weight as possible, using a limited selection of materials within a set timeframe. During the exercise, students learned valuable lessons about resilience and the importance of learning from setbacks. With each group granted two attempts, every student had the opportunity to refine their designs and successfully construct stable structures capable of bearing weights.


Last week, our Economic Theory 12 class engaged in a thought-provoking seminar on Marxist economics. The seminar delved into the core concepts of communism and capitalism, sparking lively discussions and insightful exchanges among the students.

The seminar provided a platform for active participation, allowing each student to contribute their perspectives and engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas. Through this collaborative learning environment, the class explored the fundamental principles of Marxist economic theory, examining its critiques of capitalism and its vision for a socialist society.

This week, we are celebrating Carsyn Leipsic - a true leader among us. Carsyn's respected presence, unwavering dedication, boundless energy, trustworthiness, and reliable nature make her a shining beacon within our school community.

As the manager of the Senior Boys' Basketball team, Carsyn's behind-the-scenes contributions are invaluable. But her leadership extends far beyond the sports arena. Carsyn is a source of inspiration and support for both staff and her peers, enriching various aspects of our school life.

Carsyn's integrity, compassion, and commitment to excellence set a commendable example for us all. Her actions and character embody the very best of what our community stands for.

Congratulations, Carsyn, on this well-deserved recognition. Your example is a true gift, and we are delighted to celebrate your many contributions. Keep shining - your light guides us all.

Mazal Tov to Max James, Class of 2011, and Megan Leigh on their engagement.





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