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Issue #75; May 2017
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MAY is Get Caught Reading Month

1 Intern'l Workers' Day
1 Intern'l Civility Day
  2 World Tuna Day (UN)
2 World Asthma Day
3 World Press Freedom Day (UN)
5 No Pants Day
10 Donate a Day's Wages to Charity Day
12 Intern'l Nurses Day
14 Chicken Dance Day
15 Intern'l Day of Families (UN)
18 Museum Day
21 World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (UN)
22 Intern'l Day for Biological Diversity (UN)
24 Tiara Day
25 Tap Dance Day
29 Intern'l Day of UN Peace Keepers (UN)
31 World No-Tobacco Day (WHO)

Shout Out!
A big thanks to some who made my life better in April!

MaryJane Alanko
JudyLynn Archer
Erica Brown
Barry Cavanaugh
Tim Essington
Liz Garratt
Dana Gusse
Katherine Hamilton
Dianne Johnstone
Nick Kuchera
Kelly McClung
Jenny & Adesh Narine
Gerald Osborn
Joyce Pelletier
Clayton Plamondon
Trevor Rueger
Beth Sanders
Lori Schmidt
Misty Sklar
Eric Smith
Judy Smith
Janna Tominuk
Doug Verdin
Wanda Wetterberg
"Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company."
 -- Booker T. Washington
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Significance of The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Album Cover (So fascinating!) Click Here

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 In Chatelaine Kitchen (April 2017) Heather MacMullin teaches us how smooth out honey when it crystallizes (NB: It's still good to eat). Here's how:

1. Place your honey jar (lid removed) in a pot of hot water on the stove.
2. Allow honey to heat up and liquefy.
3. Without boiling the water, slowly heat the honey; stir occasionally.
4. Remove jar when all the crystals have dissolved (if you don't fully melt them, it will crystallize again when it cools).

Avoid overheating (diminishes flavour).

Here is the article 

Heard in the
Reader Notes
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Are YOU under all that clutter?


Inspired Living and Working

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Understanding Bylaws: A Guide for Directors of Not-For-Profit Organizations

ISBN 978-0-9866030-0-6

 (NOTE: There is good stuff in here, but this book isn't aligned with the Federal NFP Corporations Act or the new BC Societies Act. Email me directly with your bylaws questions about NFPs registered federally or in BC)


 Exceptional Board Members, Exceptional Boards 

ISBN 978-0-9866030-1-3



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       Board meetings and AGMs, AGMs and Board meetings. That's what spring brings in my world. I am so fortunate the the organizations I am involved with "get it" and while the meetings take time, they are (for the most part) painless. (NB: Hope I didn't jinx it).

    In the latest Corporate Governance Quarterly, John T. Dinner FCIS, referenced civility which, as you know, is a thing I care deeply about and try to live. He said, "There is a role for boardrooms to play in countering the lack of civil exchange in the broader public arena." I agree with him -- we can always strive for civility in the board room, and then let those actions spread out into the greater world. May 1st starts the 31 Day Civility Challenge. Maybe you'd like to play along?
     One AGM I attended was especially painless because we held it at Rig Hand Distillery in Nisku, catered by Cookshack BBQ, also in Nisku. The folks at Rig Hand gave us a great tour and tasting and it was an evening well spent. If you're looking for something interesting to do with your work group or friends, go check out these local businesses and their interesting and tasty products.
     I am sad to report that one of my boards lost a member in April. Rest in Peace, Terry Bulych (CFL Alumni Association, Saskatchewan Roughriders Alumni Association).
     May 14 is the anniversary of my mom's passing and I finally got around to sorting her last four (big!) boxes. These contained thousands of photos of family, holidays, work, hobbies, and cats. I touched each one before it was relegated as one to keep, one to pass along, or one to toss. Throwing out photographs was a new and difficult challenge, but I do feel lighter having done it.
      May 14 is also Chicken Dance Day. My mom loved The Emeralds and never missed a chance to do the Bird Dance. I couldn't find a photo of her doing it, but am grateful the image is forever etched in my memory.
     I finally read about the KonMari method of clearing clutter, and while I've been on this downsizing trajectory for a long time, Marie Kondo's book " The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" is a game-changer. I am digging waaaaaay deeper in my culling. Helping me for the last year or so is my friend Janna Tominuk of Shifting Spaces. If you need a little nudge to get you going, you really should get in touch with her. She'll never make you feel like a big loser for having all that crap in your house. She'll just calmly help you with it. What a gift!
     I attended the Womanition BizBrigade Leadership Conference where 16 women gave interesting presentations on a wide variety of topics. I managed to get at least one good idea or tip from each speaker, so it was a day well spent.
     I was privileged to be invited to stage manage Gerald Osborn's play " Bed Bug Bossa Nova" at the StageStruck Festival. Rehearsals were an absolute blast and the performance was an audience favourite. Hopefully that was just the push I needed to get back to working on my own plays.
     I want to give a shout out to another friend for a recent accomplishment. While I am throwing out mountains of paper, he was literally climbing in the Himilayas. After many visits to Nepal and his third attempt to summit Mera Peak (6,470 at the top) was successful. Way to go David Vella! You inspire me!

YES YES YES"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
 -- Harriet Tubman

The Answer   


A: THE CEO AND THE BOARD                    
     Don't you just love when you read an article that is completely consistent with your own opinion?! In Corporate Governance Quarterly (Winter 2017), Fay Booker FCIS tackled this subject while I read along and checked all the boxes.
     This is important because the question often arises whether the board's role in planning is passive or assertive. Here are some highlights of Booker's article "An Overall Vision."
     The Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG) says "The board is responsible for setting the overall vision and long-term direction of the corporation...The board reviews, questions, discusses, and ultimately approves management's recommended strategy."
     The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) says "Boards should be constructively engaged with management to ensure the appropriate development, execution, monitoring, and modification of their companies' strategies...boards need to become continually and proactively involved in strategy formulation."
     Booker reminds us of the actions in the planning process:
- informing deliberations
- deliberating the information
- implications and options
- deciding on strategic direction and goals
- developing plans to achieve goals
- monitoring progress

    Booker goes on to raise an interesting question: Does management recommend the strategy which it is most capable of delivering rather than the strategy which will be most beneficial to the corporation? As a former Executive Director and a current board member, this question is a head-scratcher. Do you agree?
    Just in case you do agree, the NACD recommends that once the direction is decided, the board should go in camera to discuss whether they have the management team to deliver on it.
    Sounds like an important question to introduce, don't you think?
   Good luck!    
A Bit On
Emotional Intelligence        

     On her blog Own It, Live It, Love It (February 2016) Narissa Singh talks about 10 characteristics of people with Audacious Emotional Intelligence. I was pretty interested in these, and a couple really stood out (that I either have nailed or are miles from nailing!).
     According to Psychology Today, EI is "the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others". Emotional intelligence affects our physical and mental health, work performance, and relationships.

1. They don't believe in perfection.
2. They live a balanced life.
3. They enjoy change.
4. They stay focused.
5. They're empathetic.
6. They know what their strengths are.
7. They motivate themselves.
8. They live in the present.
9. They have a positive attitude.
10. They set limits.

Click Here for the article and full descriptors. How do you line up with audacious EI? 
Busy People Need

         In a Harvard Business Review article "The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time" (March 17, 2017) Justin Talbot-Zorn and Leigh report on studies which show that "taking time for silence restores the nervous system, helps sustain energy, and conditions our minds to be more adaptive and responsive to the complex environments in which so many of us now live, work, and lead."
      This is supported by various medical studies that show the benefit of silence on developing new brain cells, improving cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and increasing morale and productivity.
     A person needs both inner and outer silence in order to "increase[s] your chances of encountering novel ideas and information and discerning weak signals."     
     Talbot-Zorn and Marz share some practical ideas:

1) Punctuate meetings with five minutes of quiet time. Retreat/
close the door and reset by meditating or reflecting.

2) Take a silent afternoon in nature . Immersion in nature can be the clearest option for improving creative thinking capacities.

3) Go on a media fast.
Turn off your email for several hours or even a full day, or try "fasting" from news and entertainment.

4) Try a meditation retreat.
  Even a short retreat is arguably the most straightforward way to turn toward deeper listening and awaken intuition.

Talbot-Zorn and Marz conclude that even though the world is getting louder, silence is accessible. We just need commitment and creativity to cultivate it.

Here is a link to the article

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