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Issue #76; June 2017
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JUNE is Camping Month and Dairy Month

1 Global Day of Parents (UN)
1 Say Something Nice Day
  2 Fish & Chip Day
4 Cancer Survivors Day
4 Hug Your Cat Day*
5 World Environment Day (UN)
8 World Oceans Day (UN)
8 Jerky Day
10 World Gin Day
14 World Blood Donor Day (WHO)
17 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought (UN)
17 Apple Strudel Day
18 Intern'l Sushi Day
20 World Refugee Day (UN)
20 World Productivity Day
21 World Music Day
22 Onion Rings Day
23 Intern'l Widows Day (UN)
25 Day of the Seafarer (UN)
25 Global Beatles Day
27 Pineapple Day (+ my Bday)
29 Waffle Iron Day
30 Intern'l Asteroid Day (UN)
Shout Out!
A big thanks to some who made my life better in May!

MaryJane Alanko
Patrick Binns
Bill Clark
Julianna Cantwell
Keleigh Cormier
Julie Dandenault
Michelle Demers
Brian Edwards
Tim Essington
Wilson Firth
Mandy Foster
Liz Garratt
Angela Hanson
Dianne Johnstone
Kelly McClung
Glynis Middleton
Jenny Narine
Patty O'Neil
Erin O'Neill
Joyce Pelletier
Hector & Louisa Pothier
Louise Reinich
Jill Roszell
Kathy Roy
Jane Somerville
Donna Stonehocker
Janna Tominuk
Theresa Tsoukalas
Claudia Verburgh
Gord West
Chris Wood & Bobbie Fitzgerald
Jill Wood
Peter & Helga Wood
"I have learned that a good friend is the pureet of God's gifts."
 -- Frances Farmer
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Long Term Change

     My friend Claudette Pelletier-Hannah is many cool things, and one of them is a weight and wellness coach. In a recent blog she pointed out that long term thinking makes for long term change. Specifically, she says that attempts to change any habit are more likely to succeed long term if they align with your core values.
     I liked the examples she gave on why a person might want to lose weight (again, based on values):
- I want to be able to maintain my independence.
- I want to be able to get down on the ground (and back up again) with my kids/grandkids.
- I want to live a long, healthy life with my partner.
- I want to be the adventurous me and travel the world.
- I have something to contribute to my community and I'm not done yet.

     She calls these "motivators with teeth" because they make you "choose between what you want now and what you want most."

Check out Claudette Click Here
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     It's really June! If you know me then you know that means I am excited for the start of the CFL training camps. I've made it out to a few practices so far and not only is it a thrill to see all the guys competing for a place on the team roster, but all the CFL fans have crawled out of their dismal off-season funk and are ready for action! Other than Grey Cup, this is my "most wonderful time of the year." (Sing along. You know you want to).
     May was a stressful, emotional month, but I was on the road quite a bit and found interesting things to occupy my time. For starters, I attended the Edmonton Eskimos Alumni Winefest. This year I promise to keep my notes and hopefully buy only good wines for the rest of the year.
     I was invited to speak to the members of CMC Alberta which was awesome, because in a previous life, I was their Executive Director and Registrar. It was lovely to connect with old friends and meet some new ones, plus it was so gratifying to see how the profession of management consulting has advanced over the years. Friend and colleague, Keleigh Cormier, introduced me as "good people" pointing out that is a term I myself use frequently. I realized that Keleigh (herself, a good people) was right. I have always singled out good people, and because I've been blessed with so many good people in my life, it happens a ton. Lucky me!
     I participated in two board retreats at Jasper and Pigeon Lake, so life looked pretty good from there. On a break-neck speed trip to Calgary (with stops in Ponoka and Torrington just for kicks) I attended two AGMs that lasted 7 minutes (national) and 21 minutes (provincial, but there were presentations and speeches) respectively. My previous record for an AGM was 8 minutes, which has happened three times. I am proud to have been elected to the Board of the Alberta Branch of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators and I also got to hear a really inspiring speech by Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi
     In the category of full on silly, I went to a quote-along screening of the movie Airplane! at Metro Cinema. I've always been a fan, so I barely needed the sub-titles. My sides were sore with laughter, which really is the best medicine. And don't call me Shirley...
     Less silly, but just as fun was seeing Jesus Christ Superstar at Mayfield Dinner Theatre. Our Grade 9 Drama Club performed it and I have never tired of the music. Not a strong singer, back then I opted to be a choreographer and dancer. It was pretty cool to spend a whole show in either a bikini or cutoffs. Ttoday, I shudder at the thought, as my mother probably did then. I also got to present the roses to the director after the show (photo below). Isn't it astonishing I can still do all the moves to "King Herod's Song" but I can't remember who I was supposed to call today?

     In a truly bizarre event, I've been shortlisted for a Black business award by a UK magazine. The magazine seems legitimate, but there is no possible way the nomination can be. So I ignored it, as well as all the other emails checking to see if I'll be present in case I win the award. Did any of you get a similar nomination? In any event, I've decided it makes more sense for me to answer the requests from the far east to make my millions distributing low quality plumbing supplies. (Kidding!)
     I found the photo below as I was looking through some of my mom's things. It's her and me, when I was about 3 years old. What struck me about this was the short fence and how well we knew our neighbours. This chat over the fence would have been a daily occurrence.
     Now that summer is really here, we're bound to see our neighbours more often as they step out from behind their tall fences. Why not smile and say hello, even to the grumpy ones. It will probably make at least one person's day better.

"Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising which tempt you to believe that your critics are right. To map out a course of action and follow it to an end requires courage."
 -- Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Answer   


A: YES, but the answer used to be NO                     
     I probably shouldn't be so proud of the fact that I've dodged this topic for years. When social media first started being a "thing" that impacted work places, my opinions matched most of my colleagues -- a board shouldn't do social media on behalf of the organization because it's the job of administration to control the message, brand, etc.
     But lately I keep getting pulled into conversations on this topic because (surprise, surprise) social media didn't go away. Not only that, my colleagues are talking about social media in the same breath as governance (gasp!). recently published a piece called Social Media & Goverance. They suggest that a role of the board is to leverage its networks to advance the organization's mission. As such, board members should become Social Media Champions. They add that social media is a great way to advocate for resources. (Who knew?).
     Of course, the organization needs a good social media policy if it's going to turn people loose with their mobile devices. You need these to provide guidelines and boundaries for use. I'm a proponent of having a solid policy (and enforcing it), as one of my worst experiences was watching a board member Tweet during a meeting. Because I followed him on Twitter I grabbed my mobile to check up on him. His post was "You should see what these clowns are doing now..." or something to that effect. He was clearly in breach of the association's social media policy, not to mention his Director's Code of Conduct. (Not only did they not call him on his crappy behaviour, he rose to the office of President, but that's an article for another day. Grrrrr.).
     The point is, you should have a policy that is approved by the board and that is part of every board, staff, and volunteer orientation.
     The article also suggests that board members also become ambassadors for the organization by leveraging their personal social media contacts to share the organization's story. This includes becoming a fan of the organization's Facebook page, following them on Twitter, and follow them on all the other emergent platforms that I cannot access from my archaic Blackberry (which I still love). They also suggest that a brief message on social media can help make fundraising conversations easier. So that's a big win for very little effort!
     Obviously, you need a few principles in place before you ask people to make posts on your behalf. Be honest about your identity and be clear that the views expressed are yours alone (your words and actions reflect back on the organization). Use common sense if you remember what that is, and if you don't then simply don't post anything you wouldn't say in public because it never goes away. Good luck!


     I am proud to be a consultant and proud to keep company with some great consultants, so it drives me batty when I see something like this actual quote from a management consultant/facilitator: "I am keen on facilitating a meaningful discussion that enables the purpose of this collaboration to yield the requisite process which can truly yield impact."
     It's no wonder we get a bad name! And it is surprisingly easy to get caught up in it. I am not quick to adopt buzz words. For example, I have never said " paradigm shift" other than to make fun of it. Even so, buzz words do find their way into my conversation and practice.
     So I was humbled (yet tickled!) when posted " 21 Irritating Jargon Phrases, and New Cliches You Should Replace Them With."
     I groaned when I realized I used 15 of them (6 regularly). Now that I see just how damn tired they are, I'm all in favour of replacing them with something more creative. Here are some examples that came up with:

30,000' view/level
The author argues you can't see much from there unless you're in a plane in which case you can't see for the clouds. Instead they say to use "The drone-camera view/level" which might yield better results because you can actually see something.

In Your Wheelhouse
-      The author argues that most people don't know or care what a wheelhouse is or why things get put there. Instead they recommend "In your junk drawer" which everyone understands.

Elephant in the Room
-      This refers to a huge issue no one wants to talk about, but it gives elephants a bad name and should be replaced with "Can we acknowledge the mites on our eyelashes" which we all have and no one wants to talk about!
-      This sounds annoying and pretentious, so they recommend something else pretentious: Salt on the caramel. Used in a sentence: You want a golf tournament? What's the salt on the caramel?

Low Hanging fruit
-      They are quite annoyed by this, and recommend replacing it with "top layer of hummus." I concur. 

Think outside the box
-     They recommend replacing the cliché with "Think like a pterodactyl." If that doesn't make sense to you, they argue that you're just not thinking like a pterodactyl!

     I have never liked/said " It is what it is" because it lacks imagination and clarity -- it's a cop out from engaging in a meaningful conversation. But I do love their recommendation for replacement. They recommend naming two different animals and linking them with "ain't", which sounds cool. In a sentence "We didn't do so well at the open house, but I guess a weasel ain't a seahorse." Or a rhino ain't a wombat...
     The icing on the cake (another cliché!) is that is inviting us to add to their list of jargon to be replaced. I'm interested in what you've got. Share share share! (please)
 Here's the blog Click Here 
10 Harmful Habits     

         Heather Matthews' recent blog talks about the bad habits we pick up and how we vow to break some of the them but don't quite get there. Here's her list of bad habits that might be holding us back from a better life.

1. Being late.
Rude, selfish, disrespectful. When you're young and/or reliant on others it's excusable. If you're not, it's probably of your own doing.
2 . Apologizing for successes. N ever feel sorry for great things that are happening for you. You worked hard to get where you are, and if others aren't as lucky, it's not your fault.
3. Staying in bad relationships (family, professional, etc.).
If some people in your life make it hard for you to move forward, let them go. Stop waiting for them to change, to walk out on you, or to realize their wrongdoings. Be in charge of doing those for yourself.
4. Living beyond your means. L
ive in reality, not expectations. There's no shame in living modestly. If you tailor your lifestyle well, you won't ever feel like you're living small.
5. Not saving. While living within your means, save for rainy days. When income goes up, so do expenses. You can figure this out.
6. Obsessing over your love life.
ind meaning and value in your life on your own. Find happiness in other relationships that exist in your life.
7. Giving up.
Challenges, heartbreaks, and disappointments are there to prove you have the ability to rise above them. 
8. Living vicariously through others. Don't fall for what you see of other people's lives in social media. D
on't be content in letting others dictate the life you want without trying to reach for that life yourself.
9. Never exercising. "
You need to push yourself to at least do some form of exercise. Health is not a joke. You need to learn how to take good care of yourself because without your health, you won't be able to do any of the stuff you want to do in your life. Don't take your body for granted. Move while you still can." 10. Waiting for that 'one day.' Today is that day. Stop putting a part of yourself/your life on hold for that mythical one day when everything will fall together.

     Matthews (as always) says to cherish every moment and live it the way you want. Don't save your wish lists for a day in the future that may or may not come.

Here is a link to the article

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