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Issue #66; August 2016
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Admit You're Happy Month and
National Eye Exam

5 Summer Olympics in Rio
6 National Mustard Day
7 Intern'l Forgiveness Day
9 Intern'l Day of the World's Indigenous People (UN)
9 Book Lovers Day
12 Intern'l Youth Day (UN)
12 Middle Child Day
17 Thrift Shop Day
19 World Humanitarian Day (UN)
21 Senior Citizens Day
23 Intern'l Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Aboliltion (UNESCO)
27 Just Because Day
11-21 Edmonton Fringe Festival

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A big thanks to some who made my life better in July!

Ginny Arnott-Wood
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Brian Edwards
Liz Garratt
Alana Gueutal
Ernie Paustian
Hector Pothier
Jill Wood, Jenny Narine, Aliya Narine, Helga Wood, Bobbi Fitzgerald

"A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle."
-- Japanese Proverb
A Guy in UK Will Make Your Cremains into a Vinyl Record (What would yours be?)
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Wear Your Music
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Scientists Invent a Better Shampoo Bottle 
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Making Paper From Elephant Dung
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The Science Behind Internet Trolls
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How Panic Attacks Work (I learned something)
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Increase Your Charisma

     This is from an interesting article " 8 Science-Based Ways You Can Increase Your Charisma" by Yehuda Freundlich (LinkedIn, July 2016).
     Charisma is the compelling attractiveness or charm in a person, which can inspire devotion in others. It plays an integral role in leadership and persuasion, and can translate into more sales, better negotiations, and phenomenal relationships between your clients and your co-workers.    
     A study at University of Lausanne concluded that "charisma can be taught." Here are some recommendations as to how you can develop charisma:

Verbal techniques:
  • Metaphors - Stirs the other person's emotions and invokes meaning into what you're talking about.
  • Anecdotes - Helps others understand what you're saying and makes it easier for them to remember.
  • Empathy - Shows you care about the other person by trying to understand and share their feelings.
  • Curiosity - Ask about others' opinions and needs. Be patient, hear them out.
  • Feeling - Put yourself into what you're doing.
  • Rhetoric - Use contrasts to bring out your point. Create mental lists in the other person's mind by speaking out a specific number and then going through it one-by-one.
Non-Verbal techniques:
  • Physical Appearance - Keep yourself well groomed. People want to connect with attractive people.
  • Expression - Smile and use hand gestures when you speak and try to maintain eye-contact.
     Freundlich suggests using both the verbal and the non-verbal techniques to develop your charisma and make your message more memorable.
Here's the article: Click Here
Positive Feedback      
It's Not Wasabi!
Heard in the Board Room
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    I was just wondering when my summer would get started and the ads for school supplies started. Somehow I missed most of it, so I need to get cracking.
     Unlike last year, it seems many non-profit boards are getting the summer off. This is good news, as we all need to rest and rejuvenate. Don't worry Executive Directors! Your boards may start out groggy in the fall but they'll regain momentum before the end of September. They always do.
     Once I decided to start my summer I reached out to many friends and colleagues to arrange coffee and lunch dates. It has been wonderful to not be in such a rush and to dig a little deeper into what makes us really tick (not just what we do for our jobs).
     Summer is also a good time to clean the office and to catch up on some administrative and bookkeeping work. Even as I type that my nose is crinkled up and I have a sneer on my face. That said, when the phone isn't ringing and the deadlines aren't staring me in the face, these tasks are tolerable. Given a ten hour, uninterrupted span I can even find Zen moments in accounting.
     I had an awesome camping trip with the women and girls in my family. Even though I only got to stay 11 hours and was only an hour out of town, I was able to disconnect completely. It was a fabulous outing and I hope we can do it again next year.
     Rehearsals continue for my Fringe production of TRAIL AND ERROR, and am more impressed every day with the talented people involved. I am also grateful to so many who help out our productions behind the scenes (see below).
     Even though we've had a string of hot days (and a team that isn't playing hot at all), much has been happening with respect to Grey Cup in late November. We got our game tickets, flights, (secured hotel ages ago), and Spirit of Edmonton breakfast tickets. I love having something to look forward to. Now all that's left is to pay for it all!
     In looking forward, I always look back. Here's a photo that spurred TRAIL AND ERROR (and a ton of other things in my life). I hope as you start planning for fall, you will enjoy the memories you are making this summer.          
               1997 -- A lifetime ago!

"Allow the world to live as it chooses, and allow yourself to live as you choose."
 -- Richard Bach


The Answer   


     This question demands a recap of the principle of "Fiduciary Duty." You'll recall that a "fiduciary" is anyone in a position of authority (so Board members, CEOs, etc.).
     When you sit on the provincial (or local) board for your profession or industry, you have a fiduciary duty to that organization. That means you put the interests of the organization before your own and avoid conflict of interest. Most people can grasp this concept. Sure, some people still manage to get elected to boards with their own personal agenda, but thankfully MOST are there to further the objectives of the organization.
     Where it gets interesting is when you also end up on a national (or provincial) board because of your role on the provincial (or local) board.
     So now who is owed your fiduciary duty? Honestly, it's whichever group whose meeting you are at! To use a football analogy (which I love to do), this is not just the difference between a home jersey versus an away jersey. When you are involved in this way, you need to wear a jersey for an entirely different team!
     A provincial (or local) group may try to direct you to vote a particular way at on an issue at the national (or provincial) table. This is completely inappropriate because of your role as a fiduciary. When you get to that national (or provincial) table, you must vote in the best interests of THAT organization. It's not only your duty, it's the law. And sometimes it just doesn't fit with what the provincial (or local) organization wanted. Tough tarts.
     The days of "being a representative of 'x'" on a board need to be behind us. This model just don't allow for good (and lawful) governance, plus confused/conflicted expectations are really hard on people!
     My colleague Doug Macnamara at Banff Executive Leadership recently published a terrific article on this. He even talks about how it may take a board a generation or two (or three) to work out the conflicts that arise -- but it's possible to overcome for the betterment of both organizations! To read Doug's article Click Here  
Being Manipulated     

     I recently watched the film " Our Brand is Crisis." It is (allegedly) a political satire but it parallels so closely what we are seeing today world politics that I found it more troubling than entertaining. So I was glad when an article by Joseph Grenny on manipulation (May 05, 2015) appeared in my inbox.
     Grenny is one of the "Behavioural Science Guys" and his YouTube videos are usually very insightful and entertaining. I've summarized below, but encourage you to click the link below the title and watch the video to see the social experiments they did.  
The Four Ways You're Being Manipulated (and How to Stop It) Click here

     Grenny talks about how easily people are manipulated. He cites social science experiments that prove someone can make you/me/us do almost anything. He says, "It's time we acknowledge how little control we have over our own behavior and start taking control of the things that control us. Only then will we be the real agents of our own behavior. Only then will we be able to live up to the morals, goals, and aspirations we most cherish."    
     Grenny says that in order to take control we need to be able to spot the influencers. To do that, he suggests that we pick an influence tactic we see in action and study it. His reason? Because "you are least subject to manipulation when you are most conscious of its attempt." For example, if you know someone is raising her voice in order to intimidate you, you may feel less intimidated.
     He offers four common ways that we are manipulated "into supporting and doing despicable things" (based on Albert Bandura's book Moral Disengagement: How People Do Harm and Live With Themselves).

1. Minimizing the behavior.
Using sanitizing euphemisms to describe what we're doing (e.g., "enhanced interrogation" rather than "torture" or "waterboarding").  

2. Minimizing consequences.
Minimizing the consequences of choices with advantageous comparisons (e.g., "One ice cream cone won't cause a heart attack!").

3. Dehumanize victims.
 Manipulating the representation of victims, often through making them a caricature or by labeling. Grenny uses the example of "The Interview", a comedy film that depicts an assassination of Kim Jong Un. He argues you could not get away with doing the same with other sitting heads of state, but the world let this one go because Kim Jong Un is seen as "a ruthless buffoon" and "not human." With respect to labeling, Grenny noted that we also behave more favourably towards things that have pleasing names (e.g., furry-nosed otter versus sharp-clawed otter; or a particular nationality versus "enemy combatants").

4. Moral justification. Behaving badly because something good will come out of it (e.g., Cheating because the winner gets to donate the proceeds to charity).

     Grenny suggests that we sort out our opinions because "there are things we and others do that cloud and confuse the moral calculation." He says, "To stay connected to your conscience, the best course is to learn to spot these manipulations -- both self-imposed and external -- and reframe the choice in an honest way."
     Anyway, it seems like the universe wants us to pay attention to this stuff, and who am I to mess with the universe? Happy reading!

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