JUNE 2015 
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  Dear LIMS Friends and Colleagues,



  Arts@LIMS has great news for you!


Dancer/Choreographer Preeti Vasudevan, CMA was selected as the 2015 DPA Award winner!  Preeti's unique talent, intelligence, knowledge and accomplishments brilliantly complement the community of past recipients and makes her highly deserving of the honor and opportunities bestowed by LIMS' DPA Award.

  - SAVE THE DATE! - MOSAIC - September, 24th at MMAC.

We are happy to announce that MOSAIC is moving uptown! We will be presenting MOSAIC 2015 at Manhattan Movement & Art Center (MMAC), on 248 West 60th Street! MMAC is a great modern facility, with a beautiful stage and comfortable stadium seats! We are preparing a great dance event, including a performance by Preeti Vasudevan! Browse through the articles below to get to know her!

Warm regards,

Regina Miranda
LIMS Chair of the Board/ Director of Arts & Culture

Preeti Vasudevan 
Award-winning CMA choreographer
Preeti Vasudevan is an exponent of classical Bharatanatyam, creating new provocative contemporary works from the Indian tradition. Original works performed by her company, Thresh, have earned international acclaim for their fresh juxtaposition of traditional and contemporary voices - 2009 META award for The Absent Lover and 7 nominations, in 2013, for
Savitri - Dancing in the Forest of Death.


 Recent Career Highlights  

A few recent highlights include: Artist in residence, New York Live Arts (2015-16) NY; Commissioned new work, Veiled Moon , by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015 (NY); Commissioned new work,
Boxed, by Jacques D'Amboise's National Dance Institute 2014 (NY); Yo Yo Ma's Silk Road Connect 2014-15 (NY); and the completion of LIMS Certificate Program (2015), becoming a Certified Movement Analyst, CMA.  


On Winning the DPA Award

Winning the 2015  Dance Performance Atelier Award is a great honor to me. As a recent C MA, from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute in NY (and a post-graduate from the Laban Centre, London,  2002) I experience the world of Laban's theories and practices as one of the most articulate systems for awakening one's sense of perception and understanding of human behavior. It's a perfect marriage of the mind and body - no Cartesian Divisions - instead a unique wholeness.
Through the DPA Award, my own choreographic vision and creative works will gain the opportunity to reach even beyond the world of dance, entering into a world of communication, crossing boundaries and engaging in languages far beyond the semantic!

I look forward to the collaborative mentoring, and a world of Harmony!


 CMA Preeti Vasudevan 

In This Issue

September 24 
at MMAC, in NYC 

We are pleased to be able to offer  this year 's MOSAIC at MMAC, and also to revive and actualize the

These programs were made possible thanks to CMA Jody Arnhold's continuous involvement and  generous support  of Arts@LIMS.

On behalf of LIMS' Board, Staff, and Artists, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to you!

Jody, we are sure the CMA artists and our Laban & Bartenieff community at large are appreciative of your deep commitment,
as we all are.

We hope to continue expanding LIMS' Arts & Culture Programs to better serve our field,
and beyond!

Regina Miranda

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Preeti  talks about LIMS

" The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies is a rare gem that is both a mirror to one's own behavioral patterns and a risk-free environment to bring about change within and outside.  
To be nurtured and encouraged by a diverse community of deep thinkers and doers is a rare gift and I am very glad and excited to belong to the unique  group of CMAs, which exists world-wide." 


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