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May 2017 Volume 7 Issue 5
Ego: The Great Sales-Killer
    Ego in sales is deadly. Yes, you have to be confident when selling, but it's important to not confuse confidence with arrogance. According to Webster's:
ego: n. 1. the self 2. an inflated sense of self-significance

    Sales is not about you, it's about your prospect. Sales is all about coming out of yourself, listening, serving, and providing assistance. How can you be serving someone else if you are only concerned with how things impact you?

    If you're thinking of yourself, you're not thinking of your prospect. Your mind can only focus on limited input. How can you be truly listening if you're too busy trying to design the next best question to make yourself look smart?  How do you give your ego a rest? Here are five quick tips:

    1. Practice humility. You are only a small part of this world, and an even smaller part of the universe. Yes, you are unique ... but you are certainly not alone.
    2. Strive to learn. What you know is useful; what there is STILL to know is unlimited! Be open ... learning opportunities arrive on your doorstep every day.
    3. Listen, don't think. True understanding of others comes from really hearing what they say. Make silence your friend. Allow their words to sink in. Ask more ... tell less. Paint the word W.A.I.T. on your prospect's forehead: Why Am I Talking?
    4. Be gentle. Your opinion isn't the only one on the planet. People are more apt to share when you won't shut them down or discount their opinion. Practice being "wrong" or better yet, practice NOT sharing your opinion.
    5. Judge less. Enjoy people. Have fun. Smile more. Ask questions. Be curious. Encouragement goes a long way to keeping people interested and conversations alive.

    Which of these five concepts are you going to DO something about?


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Sales Tip of the Month

A lways greet your customers 

T reat your customers with respect 

T alk and listen to your customers 

I nteract with customers in a relaxed way 

T urn up for work with a positive attitude 

U nderstand your customers' needs 

D iscover the impact you have around customers
E xcite your customers about your products and services

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John Branstad
John Branstad

Quote of the Month
 "Our ego is our silent partner ... too often with a controlling interest." 

 Cullen Hightower     
John Branstad